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May 22, 2015

Google Search Algorithm Update
and Responsive eCommerce Stores

Author Stalin Cruz
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It has been just over few weeks since Google announced a major update to its mobile search algorithm, unofficially known as Mobilegeddon, and there has been quite a buzz about it. As more and more individuals take to their mobile phones to surf the internet, the search engine giant had no other option but to follow the trend. Many enterprises now are caught scratching their heads trying to figure out the next step. Research suggests that about 60% of the world’s internet usage is from mobile devices. In addition, over 50% of Google’s searches are claimed to originate from mobile devices. Thanks to these statistics, the leading search engine has not only considered mobile devices but also given them the top priority.

  • What is the new update about?

Google’s new update to the mobile search algorithm changes the order in which websites are ranked when a search is performed on a mobile device (phone or tablet). Google in its new update wants to start favoring websites which optimize the user experience irrespective of the screen size, the mobile friendly ones, by ranking them higher in search, and penalize the ones which do not.

  • But, hey are not all eCommerce sites mobile friendly?

Sadly, the answer to that is not a firm yes. While most eCommerce websites are mobile friendly, there are websites that are no way close to it. Until last few years, desktops and laptops were the only way eCommerce was consumed but things have fast changed. As technology evolved, smartphones and tablets took over the existing reign. While Google has always given a lot of emphasis to relevant and quality content, it is no longer only about that. You might have great content but if it is not very easy to consume on a mobile device it is of little use to the consumer. Google has realized this and has made the necessary changes to incorporate this. There is a dire need for websites in general to be responsive and/or mobile friendly.

  • So, what does this mean for eCommerce?

Your eCommerce store if is not mobile friendly, and if you rely heavily on Google to drive traffic to your site, then you might soon witness a drop in the number of visitors to your eCommerce store. To break it down even further, websites that are not mobile friendly will be demoted. For example, if your website, without being mobile friendly, was ranked 5 before the algorithm update; it might now fall to 8,10 or more after the new algorithm takes effect. Your existing SEO strategies might take a toss and the years of hard work could be wasted. If, your eCommerce website is mobile friendly then all your SEO strategies can remain the same but if it is not then unfortunately, it is bad news.
If you fall in the latter categorization, you still have some chance. Statistics have proven that despite the addition of the algorithm, there is not much change. Google claims that for the algorithm to fully impact might take a few months.

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This has been a blog post on Google search ranking and responsive eCommerce stores. What are your thoughts on it? Share your feedback and suggestions by commenting below.

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