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December 31, 2019

Grow your business on Amazon – with
Magento Amazon Storefront Integration

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Amazon has grown over the years and achieved the title of being the biggest eCommerce marketplaces worldwide. It acquires 44% of U.S. online retail sales today, and approximately 55%of shoppers use Amazon for any product search, even if they finally do not make the purchase. Be it a big or a small business, you are hungry to widen your reach and increase your customer base.  And what can be better than having your presence on the world’s largest online retail marketplace?

Let’s say you are already selling your brand on Amazon, but are you doing it that efficiently? Or does your team find it feasible enough to work simultaneously on both the platforms? Now for all sizes of businesses, it is a challenge to manage the ongoing operations of your brand on your eStore and simultaneously invest time and energy on managing the business on Amazon.

To begin with, any new sales channels initially comes with several issues. It is a huge task for the employees to do it manually and at the same time manage your own eStore. As a result, brands do not achieve loose out to competition or end up investing more staff who could handle the new sales channel. Many businesses also fail in pricing their products effectively on any such platform. The pricing strategy on marketplaces like Amazon must be variant than on your own brand’s eStore as it hosts multiple sellers for just a single product type.

The next big task is to manage your inventory efficiently on all the platforms and while you are just done with that, organizing your orders becomes the main focus. Therefore, our intention in discussing all the above challenges is to give you a clear business solution for every merchant’s dream to grow your business on Amazon. In addition, this will become a reality by integrating your eStore with Amazon flawlessly!

Below are a few of the many benefits of integrating your eStore with Amazon:

Connect multiple Amazon accounts
With the help of Amazon marketplace integration, you get access to operate multiple Amazon accounts at the same time. Let’s say you have two different business units, clothing and electronics and you deal these BU’s separately under some other subsidiary of your own brand. In this case, it is helpful for you to manage multiple Amazon accounts at the same time.

Manage and Track your orders:
Amazon integration will help you achieve better order management between your eStore, Amazon marketplace, and your inventory. You can centrally manage all the orders from a centralized location. All the time and effort consuming activities like shipping or canceling orders or building customer profiles can be accomplished within a single admin panel.

Take care of your Inventory:
Inventory management and optimization are at the heart of any eCommerce success. Managing your inventory while selling on multiple platforms simultaneously is a challenging task. Integration with Amazon makes your work easier by managing all your inventory from eStore to multiple Amazon accounts from only one page. You will have a collated view of all the inventory you have with its associated numbers reports.

Manage product lists and categories:
There is huge chaos in managing the product lists and categories when your eCommerce platform is not integrated with Amazon. In this case, your team needs to keep a track of the products to be sold with its description on Amazon and items to be sold on your eStore. And the situation becomes worse when there is a promotional sale going on.
Integration with Amazon takes care of all these situations, where you don’t have to manage the product lists and its descriptions on two different platforms.

Drive customers from Amazon to your eStore:
With the help of integration with Amazon you already have customers buying your products on Amazon. At the same time, you can drive these customers to your own eStore by telling them about the products that are exclusively available only on your eStore and nowhere else. In this way, you acquire a set of valuable customers who are ready to pay the amount for exclusive products and you make a profit simultaneously both on your eStore and Amazon.

Less manual work for your team:
Last but not least, integration with Amazon minimizes efforts taken by your team. This helps your team to work only on a single platform which is much easier to maintain and report than working on two separate platforms at the same time.
When you save your time and energy, it will help your team to shift focus on more important tasks in the business.

How i95Dev can help you?
We at i95Dev can help you build a seamless integration between Magento and Amazon marketplace. Right from the ease of managing the Magento admin panel to perfectly coordinated product lists, in-time order management, and synchronized inventory, we guide you to have all in place.

Not just building the integration, but we offer you complete support after integration so that you become familiar with the integrated operations. Want to know how practically the Amazon integration with Magento can work you marvels! Talk to our integration experts, contact us and get a free demo.

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