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June 6, 2012

How To Benefit E-commerce
Using Product Feeds

Author Mark Johnson
Category Blog | eCommerce Marketing |

Product feeds are a great source for the retailers to increase the sales. A lot of people do not like to purchase everything directly from the web site. A lot of them would directly go to the famous Product feeds they trust. It is therefore very important to list your products on the products feeds. Product Feed is a data file that contains information about all products for a website. Generally, it’s a source of data that plays an increasingly important role for your Ecommerce website, shopping portal, search ads & much more.

A lot of customers are seeking product feeds to purchase goods because of a lot of reasons like one can compare products and the prices of the same product from different dealers and hence get good deals by purchasing the product at the lowest possible price.

These product feeds are a direct and easy way to grow the popularity of the product. Your product gets enlisted among 100 other products and dealers and hence you increase the product and brand visibility. It gets listed not just on your web site but also on the third party web sites where you can directly generate the leads from, hence the product becomes more searchable. This also leads to increase in the traffic onto your web site. The demand for the product grows when the product is listed in the product feeds.

Product feeds available are of 2 kinds – FREE OF COST where you do not have to pay anything to list your product and PAY PER CLICK where you pay per click for the product. Ecommerce has been directly benefitted with the product feeds because the online retailers have been able to get increased number of sales. Product feeds have helped the online retailers to attain a better product and brand visibility and enter the global market hence expand globally.

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