15Oct, 2019

Magento and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations integration: Is it just for Large Enterprises?

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With 5 million users and more than 350 thousand customers all over the globe, Dynamics AX catered to medium as well as small-sized businesses for more than 25 years. Today the system has evolved into something better and focused: Microsoft Dynamics for Finance and Operations.

Businesses identified the importance of the integration of Magento with Microsoft ERP systems. Not only the integration made the whole process easier, but they also paved the way to a much productive future as well. In a relatively short span of time, the integration of Magento and Microsoft ERP and CRM systems gained popularity.

Businesses started comparing integration options to make better decisions and companies like i95 Dev made it easier for them by offering consultations and solutions. By a certain point of time, large enterprises accepted the integration of Dynamics AX and Magento as an ideal solution. However, Dynamics AX underwent modification and re-launched as Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

However, can the integration of Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Magento be useful for small and mid-sized companies too or is it just for bigger enterprises? If you are looking for an answer to that question, then you are in the right place. This article is for you.

Let’s dive deeper and understand how the integration of Magento and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is relevant to even small businesses! Or is it?

What changed and what didn’t!

Released in the year 2002, Dynamics AX was primarily trusted by mid-sized and large businesses. Further, Dynamics AX gained popularity fast because of its features and it would manage various operations like HR, distribution, manufacturing, and finances.

Dynamics AX is officially retired now and is no longer available.

So, did Dynamics AX just went through a paint job and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is just a new name? The answer is: No! They have similar features but they are not the same. The most prominent difference is that Dynamics AX was a desktop-based application that also had some mobile and web add-on components, whereas Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is a complete web as well as a cloud-based solution.

Although Dynamics AX went through an evolution and there were changes, the common perception didn’t change – Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations are ONLY for large enterprises.

How can Magento and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations help a small business?

Just to state the obvious: The central idea behind integrating Magento and Dynamics 365 F&O is to make your business operations scale faster and potentially make the data exchange error-free.

If you want to make sure, your F&O installations are robust and scalable, below are some aspects that integration will enhance F&O:

  1. Order processing time
  2. Streamline inventory management
  3. Real-time order fulfillment
  4. Customizable features

The said factors make sure an eStore performs well and at the same time, determines that there are no clogs in the internal business processes.

However, we will also see if there is any possibility if the integration of Magento and Dynamics 365 F&O can do it better than any or most integration of e-commerce and ERP.

Order processing time

As an owner or a manager, you would not like to have a complicated process where you will have to go through a lot of process. When you think about it, not being able to provide a quick processing time to your customers, you will also annoy your customers in the process.

The most usual reasons behind a slow or lagging order processing time are:

  1. Need for re-entering information, which leads to longer order processing time as well as errors.
  2. Inefficient warehouse management

With Magento and Dynamics 365 F&O you will be able to enjoy a much faster order processing time. With the order processing system working online, you can set up the sales team and your customers with an automatic order form. Further, you can prevent the continual re-entry of sales info or any other information, and there will be no need for feeding information into multiple systems.

The benefits of a better order processing options that you will get from the integration of Magento and Dynamics 365 F&O is much more comparatively. With a faster order processing time, you will also get:

  • Improve customers’ buying experience
  • Offer your customers a sense of ownership
  • Reduce accounting costs in the long run
  • Better data control
  • Faster dispatch or shipping

Streamline inventory management

Having streamlined inventory management is important to every kind of e-business as it will ensure minimal or no duplication, incorrect information of the stock, avoid overselling, and irregularities in the stock. A streamlined inventory system and effective order processing time are crucial for any e-store of any size.

Integration of Magento and Dynamics F&O lets you do much more and achieve more, which will not only ensure better results but also pave way for a bigger brighter future.

You can get the following features:

Arrival overview – An arrival overview will give you an overview of all the goods that are coming soon to your store. Knowing the goods that are expected soon will help you a lot in your business’ current tasks with an estimate of the products’ quantities, order types, weight, volume, etc. It will help you plan and implement them in a better way.

Quality assurance – This is important because you will bring in goods in low volumes and having products that are of low quality can do a lot of damage to your business more; financially as well as its reputation. Further, when you maintain a list or record of the non-conforming products or goods you will be able to track down them to their manufacturing process and identify a potential problem that can hamper your productivity.

Real-time order fulfillment

Amazon has truly upped the ante when it comes to the shopping experience. You will be able to get much more when you will offer your customers real-time order fulfillment.

Your customers will see what is happening in real-time and get all the updates in real-time as well. This will create a sense of transparency and trust among your customers and make them come back for the enhanced buying experience.


Dynamics AX users could customize the workflows and other aspects of the platform with the help of the Microsoft community. Dynamics 365 F&O enjoys the same flexibility with respect to functional flexibility.

eStore owners can create a custom workflow to suit their requirements and automate their business processes. Combined with a platform like Magento, this setup can be powerful. It can enable eStore owners to build and maintain platforms that can accommodate varied business processes.



Your business needs the best solution, which will make sure that not just today; your business can go on achieving success hassle-free even in the coming days. Therefore, choosing the right integration is very crucial.

We, at i95Dev, make sure that your e-shop gets the best solution and we go beyond any conventional ideas to offer you the best solution that will not just help you with your business today, but in the coming days also. Talk to us and know more about integration and what more you can do with the best integration.

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Magento and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations integration: Is it just for Large Enterprises?