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June 12, 2018

Myths and realities about
online store development

Author Durga
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Increasing your knowledge-base about a certain technology generally involves navigating the facts and the myths. Similarly, after you research about the eStore, you should consider before signing an eStore Magento service provider, it becomes imperative to discuss the myths related to it. This will not only raise curtains from certain misconceptions but also provide additional info about the online store development service providers.

Myths and realities of a successful online store development

Myth 1- eCommerce is only about selling products online

Reality– This myth is common amongst entrepreneurs who wish to take their business to the online arena. eCommerce is much more than just selling. It involves offering goods and services to the customers, transmission of funds and data across a large community and distributing knowledge and relevant info about a specific product. An immaculate eStore development platform like Magento offers functionalities like site management, content management, and transaction gateways to stay true to the purpose.

Myth 2- eCommerce is meant for large corporations

Reality– eCommerce is not meant for only large players in the market. If one has a creative business idea and the ability to identify his niche and the gap, she/he can start an e-commerce website. By targeting desired customer base and providing quality products, one can lead the road to online business, even on small scale. Magento Commerce provides simple features through which small and large-scale organization can create online stores. The platform offers complete flexibility and dynamic functionalities like catalog management, specific marketing tools, catalog management and product browsing.

Myth 3- Traffic will come automatically once your eStore is set up

Reality– Start-up e-commerce players normally think that once they have got their eStore developed, they are done with the setting up of a robust platform. However, the work is only half done. You need to emphasize on marketing his/her business’ products so as to be visible among customers. Magento offers a plethora of marketing features for promotion and conversions of your products or services.

Myth 4- Since its online, the customer service becomes easy

Reality– Believe it or not, selling goods with good online customer service is as tough as dealing with a can of worms. Leaving aside the competition, you have to deal with several complaints from the customers. Hence, you need a full-time efficient customer service so as to help and satisfy your customer base all the time. When you opt for Magento eStore development, you can take advantage of customer service features like contact us form, order tracking, account update emails, order history, admin panels and transaction emails customization.

Common e-commerce problems to resolve before you begin

Before you initiate the process of getting your online store built, there are certain problems that need to be addressed in order for things to work slickly.

  1. Choosing how to set up your online store- This is the first major decision but is probably easy to resolve. If you are unaware of the web technology tools, you can simply outsource the development tasks to a service provider. If you are technically experienced and know the ins and outs of web development, you can plan your eStore yourself across an efficient store development platform like Magento.
  2. Implementation of payment gateways- since you are trying to earn money, the problem with payment gateways might lead to obstructions before setting up the online store. You can get things done through one of the various payment options available including Securepay,, and Paypal. These are all supported by Magento.
  3. Building trust- The thought of building trust might conjure you into stressful thinking before building e-commerce store. You need to realize that transparency is the key to build trust amongst your customers. You need to plan your business operations to make sure you do not over promise and under deliver.

Common myths about eCommerce website development service providers

Creating online platform is not a straightforward job. To build an eStore which is easy to manage, flexible in its functionality and trustworthy to the end customers, that represents your business, you need to choose an ideal website development service provider. But before doing that, it is important to keep certain myths at bay so that your essential business project doesn’t fall into wrong hands. Here are some myths you should avoid with realities you should rely on:

Myth- Everything remains in the hands of designers

Reality– Designing a website is a collaborative process and includes the efforts of the entire team including developers, coders, content writers, digital marketing specialists and most importantly, management.

Myth- Web development can be done quickly and easily

Reality– The misconception might be a result of new technologies and feature-rich platforms available for web development. However, it is not a one-step procedure. Web development needs different testing, analysis, and efforts to work accurately. There is no time limit to it and one should look for investing appropriate time to get the desired results.

Myth- Revenue is the best metric to measure your company’s success

Reality– Several other metrics like search engine click, conversion rate, and bounce rate play their part in deciding the future of your business. Additionally, there are many other metrics like cart abandonment and lifetime value of a customer among others which will help an eStore owner understand its performance.

Myth- Freelancers do the development tasks easily

Reality– This is not true and in fact, the contrary is more ideal in the eStore development arena. Full-fledged and certified companies lead to the development of successful websites through streamlined processes and effective resource management.

Do not build an online store without these:

Before getting your big idea out to the masses, there are certain points without which you cannot build an online store. The first thing to keep in mind is that you need a vision that you can transform from a sketch in your notebook into a fully-functional website.
The next thing is you need in the online world is a challenging contest. There are millions of websites trying to reach the pinnacle of success. Hence, just being in the competition is not enough; you need to stay ahead of others. To do that, you have to enter the market with a completely new idea that sticks and works to your benefit. Though it is not necessary to bring a revolutionary idea into the arena, it is always advantageous if you have some unique tactics up your sleeve. This will highlight you among the masses and bring you closer to the top-ranked players. You also need to think that the idea you are devising should adhere to the profile and core business of your company. It should be in accordance with your company’s offerings and should be able to make your organization emerge as an inconceivable eCommerce business.
Since there are plenty of individuals looking to get their website built, there is also plentiful web development service providers. When you look out for such service provider, you will be matched up with a multitude of options. You can choose the cheapest ones or go for an expensive web development providers. As a general rule, it is never advised to go for cheap providers when it comes to eCommerce web store creation. By doing this, you are not just putting your entire business reputation on the line, but also risking a huge amount of loss before the start of the online business. Cheap web development companies might lure you for additional cost-saving but they often provide substandard services that are not reliable and cost more as you proceed. Hence, it is always important to choose a reputed company with great work experience in online store web development. There are various reputed Magento development companies that can take the task of developing your e-commerce store in an unflawed way.


In a nutshell, it is important to note that a proficient web development service provider will ensure that you have a clear overview of the project. As part of the project, it is the provider’s role to make you feel comfortable about the development process of your e-commerce store. Concluding this piece, it is important to put effort and resources in identifying the myths from realities. Hence, it is important to learn the realities of online store development while ignoring the myths in order to choose what’s best for your business.
To get started, you need to hire a robust Magento development service provider. Kick off the process by contacting us on The company is the answer to all your eCommerce web development questions.

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