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July 6, 2012

Open Source Communities:
An Optimal Solution for SMB’s

Author Stalin Cruz
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Businesses today have an increasing need for software that can optimally perform, while having reduced development cycles. This can be found in open source communities. Open source communities are the exact solution businesses need to meet the flexibility they desire without making a costly investment. There are little to no up-front costs involved, which make them a great solution for any size business, especially small to mid-size companies that are trying to minimize costs.

There are many more potential benefits businesses of all sizes can realize:

  • Top Notch Security – Businesses are at a high risk for contracting viruses or having their systems hacked into. With open source software, the risks are minimized and any issues that are discovered are immediately taken care of. This reduces the detrimental damages that lost data or long periods of downtime can cause.
  • Level of Quality Desired – Because users have a hand in developing the software, it will include the features and benefits they need without having to pay for customized software.
  • Constant Support – Free support is available 24/7 online, reducing any loss of valuable work time. Some software companies also offer higher tiers of support for a small fee.
  • Open Standards – If you fight the rigidness of your current software and wish for customization, open source communities are the way to go. You will enjoy interoperability with as many users and businesses as you desire, increasing your efficiency.
  • Avoid Licensing Fees – There are no licensing fees involved in open source communities, even as you expand your business and need more licenses.
  • Optimal Flexibility – If you desire the utmost flexibility and accountability in your software, open source communities offer both, giving you the end product your business needs
  • Easy License Management – There are no issues with your business expanding and requiring further licenses; the software can be installed as many times and as often as your business requires it without any issues

The Open Source solution you choose should be one that fits the exact needs of your business, keeping in mind any plans to expand your operations in the future. Having a vital role in the development of your software allows you to be in control, while retaining control of your expenses.

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