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October 5, 2020

OroCommerce ERP Integrations for
a scalable eCommerce business

Author i95Dev Marketing
Successful integration of eCommerce platforms such as OroCommerce and ERP ensures that businesses’ back-office duties are perfectly synchronized with the front office operations. Speed is very important for any business, and even more so for eCommerce businesses since online customers do not have time. With the help of OroCommerce ERP Integrations , information between the applications is rapidly transferred and subsequently relayed to the customer, thereby helping sale orders close quickly.

Using a connector, eCommerce platforms such as OroCommerce can be linked with ERP applications, such that information does not have to be manually transferred from the platform to the application. Every connector is a cloud-based solution that can simplify business integration and provide the necessary automation through OroCommerce ERP Integrations.

Features of OroCommerce

OroCommerce has been widely recognized as a future proof solution capable of meeting diverse business needs. It was initially built with complex B2B eCommerce cases in mind, due to which it comes with the following out-of-the-box features:

  • Ability to customize several price lists as per customer segments
  • Ability to batch purchase volumes
  • Allowing individuals to push suggested shopping carts to numerous business buyers and being able to check out for them
  • Management of add-on features and customization here takes lesser time and money than other platforms, thereby lowering OroCommerce’s cost of ownership
  • Among the many OroCommerce Integration Services, it comes with native integration with OroCRM. This allows B2B companies to capture orders and engage customers throughout their buying journeys digitally.

Top benefits of ERP integration with OroCommerce platform

  • Existing customer, sales, inventory, shipping data, and product data can be leveraged through this integration
  • Redundant manual entries are greatly reduced, and there are lesser chances of making errors
  • Due to better sales demand visibility, inventory cost is significantly lowered
  • Customers are always notified when the orders are shipped
  • Internal productivity is greatly enhanced
  • Financial analysis is highly accurate
  • Multiple offline and online sales channels are managed for maximizing revenues and profit
  • Automated tax compliance helps meet tax requirements
  • Customers can track product delivery through the same portal on which they placed the order
  • Successful integration and correct use allows a business to reach unimaginable levels of growth and scalability

OroCommerce – Microsoft Dynamics Integration

To increase business efficiency and streamline it, one needs to make use of iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) connector. The connector helps make Orocommerce Microsoft Dynamics work together as a unit to easily transfer information from one to the other. MS Dynamics contains various ERP and CRM software applications together, which easily works together with OroCommerce to provide efficient eCommerce operations.

Orocommerce – Sage Integration

When you use the above integration, it will give you control over price quotes and approvals in OroCommerce. At the same time, you will not have to spend substantial Sage consultancy hours within a complex system. OroCommerce Sage integrations help businesses make easy payments through their business accounts without manually transferring information from one application to another. The main results of this integration include fast payments and better cash flow management.

A simplified system for OroCommerce will follow the easy rules listed below:

  • Maximum product price
  • Maximum order amount
  • Maximum quantity per product

If the above parameters exceed, the orders freeze, and the manager immediately gets a message on his or her phone or screen. All the notifications can be seen and reports can be sent via the management dashboard on OroCommerce.

Orocommerce – SAP Integration

Leading ERP solution vendor SAP became technology partners with OroCommerce in the year 2019. The seamless introduction of products from both companies has helped eCommerce operations greatly since then. Orocommerce SAP integrations have resulted in the addition of features such as inventory synchronization and real-time pricing integrations. It has also brought together the eCommerce capabilities of OroCommerce with the world-renowned efficiency of SAP Workflow automation.

Inventory levels can easily be balanced with the help of SAP Cloud ERP Suite inventory Management. This suite senses different changes in supply, demand, and network alignment for optimizing inventory. Costs for a company can be decreased with the help of integrated outbound and inbound warehousing and freight processes. Since goods are always available at the right time and place through SAP, customer satisfaction is high, and so are the sales. Also, as a result of enhanced supplier intelligence, stockout situations are minimized.

Other than SAP Cloud ERP, Orocommerce SAP integrations also work with SAP Business One, which is a Finance and Business Management (ERP) system. This solution has been designed to meet the needs of small businesses specifically. With SAP Business One’s help, one can integrate CRM, warehousing, reporting, purchasing, finances, and more software into a single solution.
Some of the popular sales order reasons within SAP are as follows:

  • Free samples
  • Competitive advantage
  • Web order
  • Returns
  • Difference between ordered and delivered quantities

Orocommerce – QuickBook Integration

Accounting for any business can be made easy with QuickBooks. Companies have to spend significantly less time on accounting and automate tasks such as tracking time, running analytics, and inventory management. Through OroCommerce QuickBook integrations, data will automatically flow into your account books, enabling you to track all entries at a single place and be tax-ready at all times. All invoicing and accounting needs can be taken care of with the help of OroCommerce QuickBook integrations.

Credit cards and bank accounts can easily be connected to QuickBooks to easily import and sort expenses into various tax categories for relevant deductions. Invoicing reminders can also be issued with powerful invoicing facilities. As a result of this software, B2B customers can save several hours.

OroCommerce is an open-source eCommerce platform

Frost & Sullivan (F&S) has rated OroCommerce as the #1 B2B eCommerce platform for its rich feature set and flexibility. Not only does it provide an excellent solution for the SAP ERP application stack, but it also ensures an affordable TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). The market had been longing for an open-source B2B eCommerce solution, and OroCommerce has managed to fit into this existing space beautifully. A few benefits of this platform include easy content management, personalized product catalogs, a flexible workflow engine, multiple shopping lists, and accurate reports that indicate the B2B customer’s purchasing behavior.

While choosing a cloud connector, one has to look at a company that can efficiently integrate all eCommerce platform features and the backend software without resulting in unnecessary delays. i95Dev pre-built cloud connector is developed to simplify your business integration, configuration, and automate your eCommerce processes swiftly with accurate results. For more information speak to our integration specialist today!

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