COVID-19, A Message From Our CEO

Project Description


Trail-Gear, Inc., founded in 2005, is a globally recognized leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of off-road products for hardcore rock crawlers, racers and trail enthusiasts.

With a collection of over 2,000 products for Toyota, Suzuki, Nissan, and Jeep vehicles as well as builder parts and universal products, Trail Gear’s vision is to be the world’s first choice in the off-road market through dedication to superior quality, service and value.

  • Dynamics GP
  • Magento 2


  • Lack of Scalability – Trail-Gear was growing at a fast pace along with an acquisition of All-Pro Off-Road and Low Range Off-Road brands – each one running on separate e-commerce stores (and technology). Trail-Gear wanted to retain the brands while consolidating all front and backend systems (e-commerce and ERP). However, their existing e-commerce store, an antiquated and proprietary e-commerce cart, lacked scalability and multiple stores support.
  • Lack of Flexibility & Rigid Functionality – The existing e-commerce store lacked the functionality to support Trail-Gear’s rapidly evolving requirements and business workflows related to back orders, fulfillment, payment terms, bill pay, promotions, and more.
    As a growing company, further investment in a stale legacy platform was proving too costly and too cumbersome while providing only minimal, incremental improvements. Trail-Gear could see no end in sight to their dependence on continual 3rd party support and development to deliver consistently underwhelming results.
  • Integration Issues – Trail-Gear’s existing integration with Dynamics GP was fraught with problems. Their existing integrated setup included data integrity issues between systems and duplicate and unsynchronized records. Trail-Gear customer support staff along with their I.T team were constantly spending unnecessary man-hours rectifying semi-automated systems.

i95Dev engaged with the entire Trail-Gear team to listen and discover the challenges with day-to-day operations along with the longer-term initiatives. Extensive workshops with all departments and stakeholders concluded with a constructive and effective plan to rectify the ongoing problems. This helped Trail-Gear immensely by enabling them to better understand their own requirements while also making them aware of the equally immense potential of Magento and integration.

i95Dev has extensive experience within the Automotive OEM and Aftermarket industry. i95Dev was confident with moving Trail-Gear from a proprietary e-commerce product to Magento Commerce for the Trail-Gear e-commerce expansion.

Initially planning to develop the Magento 2 store in-house, Trail-Gear approached i95Dev to provide Magento GP integration. However, after their experience working with i95Dev during the discovery stage, Trail-Gear opted to work with i95Dev for the entire project – including Magento.

To make things more manageable, the entire project was broken down into multiple phases.

  • Magento Store Development & Migration
    In Phase 1, Trail-Gear’s existing e-commerce store was designed, developed then migrated from their proprietary e-commerce cart to Magento 2. Included within the project, i95Dev team assisted Trail-Gear with an extensive data cleansing service to ensure optimum data across all systems.

    Trail-Gear is now relieved they are on a more flexible platform and confident to move their other two brands, All-Pro Off-Road (on WordPress) and Low Range Off-Road (on Magento 1), to the same Magento 2 store leveraging Magento’s multi-store functionality.

    Trail-Gear’s marketing team also leveraged Magento’s marketing & promotion capabilities to target and drive promotional campaigns – something they desperately needed.

  • ERP Integration & Enhancements
    In Phase 2, the i95Dev Magento GP Connect product was deployed to integrate their Magento e-commerce store with their Dynamics GP ERP system that included bi-directional sync of data. Further, the e-commerce store and integration were extended to automate business workflows and to incorporate their business specific requirements. This enabled

    • Sales reps to better serve their customers – both customers and sales reps now have access to a fast and more effective system to place orders. Further they no longer have to deal with the data integrity issues that plagued their systems earlier.
    • Fulfillment team to streamline and automate their order fulfillment process – leveraging advanced functionality like backorder support, drop ship, partial shipment and invoice, tax management, and more.
    • Customer service team to better service the B2B and international customers – by incorporating features like Customer Groups & Price Levels, Credit Limits, Net Terms, and Bill Pay.

i95Dev continues to work with Trail-Gear to migrate & integrate their other two brands with their ERP system along with further automation and optimization for their business operations. In the words of Trail-Gear employees – Improvement is always possible!