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10 Next Generation
eCommerce Trends You Should Absolutely Know About

Today, consumers and business partners, both expect every business to be online, without question. With the explosive growth of eCommerce, it is rapidly transforming into the main interface for the outside world and a principle source of company revenue.

To fully utilize groundbreaking trends and sales opportunities in this area, the next-gen of eCommerce has to broadly multi-channel, both mobile and tablet optimized, as well as be easily extensible to every kind of technology in use.

In this eBook, we have highlighted the most important trends that are undoubtedly going to impact the eCommerce space, mainly – mobile, social media, and marketplaces. This eBook will help you understand:

The importance of big data & analytics
The evolution of social commerce
The Omni-channel imperative
B2B features in eCommerce
Benefits of Selling on third-party Marketplaces (such as: eBay, Amazon & Rakuten)

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