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D2C Selling: A Guide for the Manufacturing Industry

In 2020, USA’s direct-to-consumer (D2C) market was worth $111.5 billion. It is expected to touch $175 billion during the fiscal year 2023, making it a substantial trend in the economy.

An increasing number of customers are looking forward to purchasing products directly from the original manufacturer. Thus, we can say that the shift towards D2C in manufacturing is driven by customer sentiment, and it will only continue to grow with more players entering the landscape.

This ebook is a D2C selling guide for the manufacturing industry.

This ebook will be your end-to-end guide for the D2C manufacturing industry selling. It includes:

The future of the D2C ecosystem
Benefits of direct-to-customer selling
Challenges faced in D2C selling and how to overcome them
Why and how to start D2C selling?

And much more. Download now!

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