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ERP and E-commerce – Pros and Cons of Various Data Integration Techniques

Seamless data exchange between systems has been a need for efficient and smooth business operations for ages. Businesses, over the years, have experimented with various techniques, from manual to automated, to streamline the information exchange.

In the context of e-commerce and ERP, because of the synergies between the two systems, the need for effective information exchange is even stronger. This is because, both businesses (across marketing, sales, IT, finance, and management functions) and customers stand to benefit from the integration of these systems.

Download the e-book to understand the different ways in which information can be exchanged between e-commerce and ERP systems, their pros and cons, and the situations they are best used in. The e-book covers

  • Point-to-Point integration
    • o Extract Transform Load (ETL)
    • o Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
    • o API based Integrations
  • Hub and Spoke integration


Armed with this information, you can now take informed decisions, without getting caught in the complexity web surrounding integration.

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