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February 25, 2013

Retail Mobility Transforms the
In-Store Shopping Experience

Author Archana Yenna
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The innovation of online shopping and Mobile Applications has transformed the way consumers shop. They no longer have the patience to wait for an in-store associate to answer their questions or assist them with their purchase. The ease of mobile and online purchases has made consumers turn away from in-store purchases.

Keeping the Customer’s Attention
The onslaught of online or mobile shopping creates new challenges for the brick-and-mortar Store. They consistently need to look for new ways to attract and keep their customers. There is a way to streamline the entire process while incorporating the use of mobile technology with the in-store experience. Retailers can provide real-time product information on a mobile device that delivers targeted promotions, pricing, location, availability and advice on the products. When this information is readily available as the consumers are in your store aisles, it can enhance the level of customer service and satisfaction they experience.

How Retailer’s Benefit
Retailers can realize higher levels of customer satisfaction that translates into higher retention levels. It also gives retailers enhancements in their capability to market to their consumers that is outside the realm of standard in-store marketing. The delivery of real-time promotions helps increase the amount of customer’s purchases and the revenue retailers gain per each customer visit.

Timely Promotions
Retailers can provide shoppers with coupons or specials that are appropriate to their preferences, based on what is captured on the mobile device. This will increase their relationship with their customers, as well as manufacturers. Customers appreciate the cost savings and manufacturers enjoy the increased sales and brand awareness.

Stand Apart from the Crowd
Today, it is vital for retailers to find ways to stand apart from their competition. They don’t want to blend in with everyone else in the industry – they want to stand above them. With the ability to offer on-the-spot promotions, they can make a positive impact on their customers, allowing them to take one step ahead of the competition, while providing their customers with a pleasant on-line and in-store shopping experience.

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