18Nov, 2011

Right Time To Stop Software Application Testing

Testing is an intricate task in software systems for various reasons like interdependency of system, complexity of applications etc. It is important for the project test team, SQA (Software Quality Assurance) and PM (Project Manager) to determine the right time to stop software testing for the projects. Testing all branches code is time consuming.  If the application works as proposed then it implies that Test case execution is done successfully.

The following are the common factors and constraints that enable to decide the right time to stop testing are:

When the number of bugs are below a standard level

  • Testcases completed with good pass percentage
  • Test Budget constraints
  • All major bugs are fixed before the Deadlines (may be release deadlines or testing deadlines)
  • All high priority bugs are fixed
  • The risk in the project is at a minimal limit
  • Known bugs which are part of Limitations

Testing is an endless process. UAT or User Acceptance Testing  starts once the application is delivered to clients/customers. The UAT deadline dates are mutually agreed based upon acceptable risk and level of possible testing.

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Right Time To Stop Software Application Testing