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April 2, 2015

Shopping Carts

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The 21st century has seen a drastic growth in e-commerce; especially in the last 5-6 years, e-commerce has changed the notion of shopping. Thanks to its convenience, competitive pricing, special discounts, weeklong sales, promotions, and customer centric service, the 21st century shopper has made the turn towards online shopping. However, with the ever-rising competition, attracting and retaining customers through pricing and the look & feel of the website are not feasible options anymore. There should be clear differentiating factors that set you apart from your competitors.
One of those clear differentiating factors is ‘saved shopping carts’. Before we break down how this helps your business, let us get to know what ‘saved shopping carts’ are:
Saved Shopping Carts, as the name depicts, is a feature that allows your users to save their shopping carts for future use. In most cases, users make use of shopping carts as a to-buy list. This saves them time whenever they come back to purchase that item. These are a few reasons why users prefer saved shopping carts. Now let us learn how this helps your business:
There are a plethora of advantages credited to the addition of saved shopping cart feature to your e-commerce website. A few of them are:

  1. 1. Customer Experience

    You can improve the customer experience by saving them time to search for the product all over again. The customers can just use their saved shopping cart and complete the order from there.

  2. 2. Cross Sell and Up Sell

    Leverage the information in the saved shopping carts to better cross sell and up sell to your customers.

  3. 3. Targeted Promotions

    Use the information in the saved shopping carts to create targeted promotions and campaigns for your customers and improve conversion.

  4. 4. Make Customers Feel Special

    Make your customers feel special with personalized emails asking them to start from where they left.

  5. 5. Increase Sales

    Increase sales by getting your abandoned cart customers back to your site and making it convenient for them to complete their purchase from where they left.

  6. 6. Go Multi-channel

    Provide seamless shopping across channels by letting your customers start shopping on one channel, add products on another and checkout on third.

The Magento e-commerce platform offers a similar feature called the Persistent Shopping Cart, which allows users carry the same shopping cart across channels. Customers can view their shopping cart as-is when they return and can continue from where they left off. This feature is available across all the devices that the user is logged in on. For example, a user might view a product on his iPad, add the item to the shopping cart from a desktop, add more items through his smartphone and proceed to check out on his laptop. This, Persistent Shopping, Magento feature is out-of-box, no extra integration is required to enable this feature. There are many other add-ons/extensions, which are available on Magento Connect which can then further extend this functionality.
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