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September 24, 2014

Shopping Cart Abandonment – GIVE

Author Stalin Cruz
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We have already discussed Shopping Cart Abandonment and its impact on the ecommerce industry and how right infrastructure can change the course of your business in Part 1 of the blog series. Part 2 is more focused on leveraging customer experience by giving everything they need. The following tips will help you to give your customers the best in the industry ambience that will avoid shopping cart abandonment:

Impressive, high-quality product images

Customers today are very visual and if they cannot see the item they are going purchase in various angels they most likely will not buy it. High quality images and ability to see the item in various colors or styles, alternate views of the item, and zoom functionality are essential to keep online shoppers engaged. If you already have these features available on your ecommerce store, you are definitely on the right track.

Show Product Inventory Available

Online shoppers are fickle because of the number of options they have to choose from. You need to have enough stock every time your customers need. Unable to fulfill customer demand damages customer loyalty. Crucial is to assure your customer that the item is available and can be delivered within time. Even thou you don’t have it; you need to take such orders in as backorders and fulfill them within the promised time.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

Imagine a situation where you have spent a lot of marketing dollars to attract customers to your store. The customer is on your store, has added products to the cart and is ready to checkout, but during the payment stage he realizes that your store does not support the payment method your customer wants to pay with. Outcome, you end up losing the sale and the investment you had made to attract that customer. Provide your customers multiple payment options, beyond credit and debit cards like third-party online payment services PayPal, etc. The more options you provide them the lesser are the chances of you losing sales because of payment. Moreover multiple payment options also increase your reach to customers who otherwise will never be your customers (pay on delivery being a very good example).

Wish Lists for Future Purchases

A lot of times it was observed that shoppers abandoned their shopping cart not because they did not want to buy those products but because they did not want to buy them then. Wish lists can come handy in such situations as they allow customers to keep tab of everything they like. They might not want to buy them right away, but it might come in handy in future when the need arises. In such cases it is important to make it easy for them to directly add products from their wish list to their shopping cart.

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