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April 9, 2015

Smart Product Descriptions
improve rate of conversions

Author Chris Wilson
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Uninteresting, unoriginal product descriptions frequently hurt businesses. It is imperative to learn how to write a smart product description that can help increase sales and drive considerably more traffic to your website.
Enthralling, informative and distinctive product descriptions help ecommerce business increase sales. It is wise not to use the exact product descriptions as provided by your manufacturers or suppliers, otherwise Google penalizes with not ranking you high in the search results.
Ecommerce business owners often overlook the possibility of substantial gains out of detailed and unique product descriptions. A user will convert or not depend majorly on how product descriptions influence them. Product descriptions are the last and the final point in the conversion funnel. To stand out of the crowd, here are few smart ways to describe your products to improve conversions.

Understand your product

You can write a unique and convincing product description only if you understand your product well. This may sound very obvious, still most in the industry disremembers it.
A product description effectively sells the product, so you have to first recognize its value in the system; to note, if you cannot persuade yourself with the product and the description, your customers will hardly believe it.

Keep it simple

The next big thing is to describe your products in simple words. Many a times, a product is described with words which are highly product centric and typical customers do not even closely understand them. Even if such descriptions reads well and does a better job of communicating, still it is not perfect, as based on a Google search for the phrase that may be copied text and least establishes your product to the customers.
Plus, it’s always a good way to tell a story in and around your product, if you have ample time and resources. Remember, any story you select to best describe your product should feature your customer as the primary actor.

Make it SEO Friendly

It is recommended to do your research when you sit down to write your product descriptions. Make sure you have search engines in mind. Find out the keywords that a customer would use if they are searching your product online. Important to note! What is good and unique to your customers is indeed good for Google.

Focus on your buyers well

Targeting a huge crowd of buyers very often attenuates product descriptions, as writing a product description keeping in mind diverse buyers ends up addressing almost no one.
The best product descriptions must address your ideal buyer directly and individually. It’s good to ask questions and answer them simultaneously since that creates a sense of conversation going on between you and your customers. Use customer friendly words that link them to the discussion well.

Allure with Social information

Customers often find it challenging to decide upon a product out of many promising ones. All they need is a fair amount of suggestion. Mostly they are swayed to buy a product with maximum positive reviews. But you can well inform them with social information relating to the product that can help them select the right one.

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