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March 20, 2012

How can Facebook Connect
help your Online Business

Author Charlie Brown
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Everyone knows that Facebook is “the” place for people of all ages to connect and “be seen.” But businesses in the know also realize that this hotspot is also the gateway for commerce. The question is what is the best way to make use of social commerce opportunities? In other words, how can you turn social media into social commerce?
There are many options out there, one of which one is i95Dev Facebook Connect. This software package allows the end users to register and log in to your web store directly from Facebook and to have their customer details collected directly from Facebook and save in Magento. By making Facebook the portal for your customers, you increase the visibility of your site and expand your potential customer base.
One feature of Facebook Connect is the ability to ask friends what they think about a product you are considering to purchase. Unlike the anonymous reviews you might find at other sites, here you can get comments from people you know and whose opinions you value. They can tell you everything from whether or not they have had a good experience with that particular brand or product to whether or not they think that shoe or shirt would look good on you. Facebook also has discussion communities within it targeted towards particular groups; these groups might also able to provide product reviews. For example, if there is a discussion group for people who are into bass fishing, they might review products from your tackle shop. While not the same as friends reviewing for friends, it is still a tight-knit group reviewing with some expertise on the subject.
Magento integration with Facebook has a number of advantages. It allows visitors on your site to log in via Facebook and to enter multiple storefronts at one time. And it can send alert messages to customers about such things as changes to their orders via their Facebook pages, as well as e-mail alerts if the user has opted for e-mail delivery.
If you want to turn social media into social commerce, consider i95Dev Facebook Connect. This process can help you integrate Magento with Facebook and your social commerce needs.

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