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May 31, 2012

The Importance of Tablet
Commerce for Retailers

Author Charlie Brown
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Tablet sales are increasing by leaps and bounds, making it imperative for retailers to extend their eCommerce sites to the tablet. Consumers today want to be able to browse online stores as well as make purchases from any platform, whether it is a computer or a tablet. This increasing demand of tablet usage is changing the requirements for online retailers, forcing them to change with the times to remain competitive.

Consumers Demand Tablet Shopping

There is a major difference between an eCommerce site that can be viewed on a computer and one that is tablet optimized. Consumers are swiftly demanding the ability to view eCommerce sites on their tablet, forcing retailers to come up with unique tablet optimized retail experiences for all consumers. Consumers want to be able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily, being able to make a purchase with the click of a few buttons.

The increase in tablet shopping means more frequent impulse buying, which is good news for retailers. In a majority of households, the iPad or other tablet is nearby, making it easy for consumers to pick it up right after viewing a commercial for a new product. Having the ability to grab the tablet, look at the product and purchase it within minutes of seeing the commercial could serve as a great advantage to online retailers today. It takes the research and buyer’s remorse out of the equation, putting impulse buying at the forefront of retailer’s success.

Changing with the Times

It is predicted that more than 33 percent of households will own a tablet by the year 2014, making it essential for any online retailer to take advantage of mobile shopping. When consumers use their tablet they expect to be able to flip through products easily, zoom in and out on the products and know everything they need to know within seconds. The tablet has greatly minimized many different aspects of our lives and eCommerce is on the horizon, making retailers change with the times.

More than just a way to shop, consumers are using tablets to comparison shop even when they are inside the brick-and-mortar store. Having the ability to check multiple stores from one location greatly increases the buying power that consumers have. What this means is that online retailers really need to step up their mobile shopping experience, figuring out the best way to draw customers in to their site and enticing them to make a purchase before moving on to another eCommerce store.

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