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March 3, 2021

Top 6 Benefits Of Using Cloud-Based
ERP Integration Solutions In 2021

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2021 is going to be a phenomenal year for the online selling industry as sustaining the eCommerce boom is the top priority of every web store. Once your revenue and turnover cross a certain threshold, managing the data and operations manual becomes unsustainable. Thankfully a lot of operational processes can be automated with the help of ERP solutions. Almost every large store uses them to streamline their front-end and back-end processes, reduce the costs incurred, and improve their financial health.However, ERP software is expensive, and you’ll need to integrate it with other special modules like email marketing tools, CRMs, and accounting software. In this blog, experts at eCommerce iLabs will discuss the top six benefits of using cloud-based ERP integration solutions. Seeing the strong growth figures, having such solutions is a must:


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Buckle up to know more about the panacea that solves most of the business process management problems.

What Is An ERP? What Is An ERP Integration Solution?

In simple words, an ERP is a software solution that fetches and processes an organization’s data to manage its resources and processes. Usually, businesses prefer specialized solutions for certain needs like payment gateways, shipping partner apps, and others. To connect databases across all applications used by a company, a middleware known as an iPaaS solution. It integrates data, people, and processes across the organization structure and automates various business processes that include coordination between two or more apps.

Using cloud architecture helps ensure seamless data transfer, scalability, stability, and security. Now that you have understood the role of both of them let us now have a look at the benefits offered by cloud-based ERP integration platforms.

Benefit #1 Eliminating Work Duplication Across All Departments Of Your Ecommerce Store

No matter which platform you use, manually accepting orders, verifying inventory, managing warehouse, and shipping aren’t viable when orders start increasing. You will need to enter the same data in multiple modules over and over again, leaving you vulnerable to human errors. This also reduces the risk of negatively impacting your brand value by sending wrong messages and parcels to customers. Since all of these functions are related to inter-departmental operations, the eCommerce integration solution will automate data entry, improve database hygiene, and help you take error-free, well-timed decisions.

Benefit #2 Centralization Of Your Web Store’s Database Management And Security

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As a business with multiple products, suppliers, vendors, shippers, and even warehouses, having your data in one place is extremely important. This helps streamline your business processes and enhances the cybersecurity of your business data. Centralizing your information simplifies how your store operates as it has a minimal dependency on the locations/departments. On the website security front, the infrastructure’s cost is heavily reduced as eCommerce platforms’ security measures, backups, and gated access at a centralized location coupled with third-party security mechanisms ensure that your business stays safe.

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Benefit #3 Enhancing Your Online Selling Capabilities With Workflow Automation And Visualization

A lot of online stores are now going multi-platform with social selling becoming larger than ever before. Selling on your web store as well as marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy requires multi-channel coordination, so you don’t end up sabotaging your business interests. The eCommerce-ERP integration platform will allow data transfer across all selling channels, and this also enhances your ability to generate business intelligence. Workflow automation and visualization are two interrelated aspects that can be managed only through the extensive incorporation of various datasets.

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Benefit #4 Greater Control And Agility Over Your Store’s Operations

As discussed earlier, you get greater control over your business as you can provide gated access to your eCommerce infrastructure. As the cloud-based software is highly scalable, any fluctuations in the orders are directly absorbed by increasing-decreasing the available resources like servers and bandwidth. This keeps costs under control and ushers the operational capability without human intervention.

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Benefit #5 Avoid Problems Faced With Traditional Ecommerce ERPs
Traditionally, eCommerce ERPs are known to be vague and non-responsive as they lack the dynamism needed to meet evolving trends and tech. With cloud-based solutions, you can use the latest tools for your store and bring as many specialized software solutions as you want without worrying about the complexity. The modular approach also ensures that the rest of the system doesn’t get affected if one of the components is down. Downtime in eCommerce costs a fortune in lost revenue, and cloud integrations help mitigate this risk successfully.

Benefit #6 Integrating Newer Technologies Like AI, ML, And IoT With Your Ecommerce Solutions

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2021 will demand newer tech innovations like artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, Big Data, and blockchain. These technologies are shaping the way businesses interact with each other and with their customers, and iPaaS solutions enable the processes of embedding them. For instance, using AI for product recommendations or email personalization through a third-party app becomes possible with such connected solutions. On the other end, these solutions also minimize your tech debt.

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Wrap Up
As you can see, eCommerce iPaaS solutions can be extremely beneficial from the basic areas like work duplication to implementing big data. Bringing the processes, decisions, people, and data under one roof is the biggest benefit that reflects directly on your revenue and growth. Thus, the implementation can be tricky, so you should consider finding expert help.

We have extensive experience working on different eCommerce-ERP integration projects, and you can contact i95Dev to get professional guidance. Since we have qualified technocrats, you will get valuable and vetted solutions for your eCommerce business. We hope that you find this article on the benefits of using cloud-based ERP integration solutions useful for your 2021 growth plans.

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