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November 28, 2014

Use Thank You
page efficiently

Author Stalin Cruz
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Thank You page is a modest show by a courteous business the moment a necessary action takes place. It can be a completion of a sale or filling up of a form or anything else. But most businesses overlook the importance of this page in their business life cycle. The most predominant idea is that it is just an end to an action that is done over and out, and therefore nobody even cares to think further.
Even thou it’s a sale been made does not mean you stop nurturing the customer.  Plus, the idea that Thank You page being dynamically generated is not importantly visible to search engines although correct, still you can utilize it as an entrance for your customers to complementary products and offers in your site. And you have every reason to care as you find the statistics below:
The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70%. The probability of selling to a new prospect is 5-20% – Marketing Metrics
Knowing the fact, most businesses by now have enough reasons to strategize on retaining the existing customers rather jumping all out on bringing on base new customers. One such strategy is to effectively use the Thank You page to produce loyal customers, extend endorsements and increase repeat sales. Now is the time for you to stop thinking Thank You pages as generic and explore the following steps for greater possibilities to improve customer experience and increase sales:

Include Social Buttons

77% of consumers read reviews before purchasing online – Jupiter Research
88% also consult reviews and ratings before making a purchase – Econsultancy
Latest aspect of online marketing, social media plays a crucial role in creating a company’s online presence, getting traffic and creating brand awareness. Even Google is placing more weight on social sharing; so all you need is to have more and more people sharing your site. Allow customers to share their purchases and thoughts across social media. This provides easy traceability to your link and generates greater trust and confidence among potential shoppers.

Offer incentives

Businesses cannot afford to slow down once a sale is done; rather need to look for repeat traffic. Offering incentives helps in customer engagement, but how? Once a transaction is done, offer pop-up discounts or special offers or email your customer with coupons or deals that they can use for future purchase. However small or big a coupon or a deal is, acts significantly in bringing back your customers for further purchase.

Request for Reviews

After thanking your customers for purchases, ask them for a review. Customers normally are excited after a purchase is done and this is your best time to engage them asking for a review. Drilling down helps you understand customer experience but make sure you simplify the review process and not trouble them with tons of questions.

Display Testimonials and Videos

Testimonials play a vital role in deciding purchases. Placing Testimonials in your Thank You page can boost the confidence of your customer and increase your brand’s recall value. On the other hand, videos showing various products and their critical features can help cross selling of products.

Include Sign-Up Form

After a successful sale, invite your customers to join your brand community by signing up for newsletter. Encourage the customer with cheerful inspiring words as these customers on base can come back reading about your new launches thru your newsletter.

Ask for Referral

It is always good to have reference from satisfied customers as they share their experience with you which have huge impact upon the prospects. As a part of your thank you message or email, allure your customers with a discounted off on the next purchase for sharing views with family and friends. This helps to grow your potential future sales.

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