January 27, 2015

Why your business needs
a Mobile POS system?

Author Kevin
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Mobile point of sale (POS) is no new to the industry. But businesses are accepting the solution very lately primarily because of the lack of incognizance about the product benefits. With big players like Apple, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, JC Penney, etc. using mobile POS, it is encouraging others to follow. Plus, retail businesses looking for ways to increase profits is definitely going to upsurge mobile POS usage. When properly implemented, mobile POS and its corresponding software offer retailers several ways to enhance customer engagement, increase sales and improve conversion rates. But if you have still not decided, here are your reasons to drive your business the mobile way:

Line Busting
Including mobile POS in the existing system does not in any way mean replacing existing POS units with mobile units. Instead, it’s an additional way to support your customers and business during peak buying times. This “line busting” approach makes it possible for moving salespeople to complete purchases anywhere on the premises, or even outside the store. This low friction shopping feature helps to increase sales and reduce cart abandonment.

Our i95Dev mobile POS can be integrated with mobile devices to bring in efficiency in line busting. During peak store times, your salesperson can help your customer go through the ultra-fast check out of i95POS. Plus, it helps you to use the maximum floor space of your retail store by minimizing the cash registers and free up space to utilize for merchandising.

Enriched process removes dependency on legacies
Go Green! Customers and businesses are growing awareness and trying to exempt from paper-based processes. With customers asking retailers to provide paper free receipting services and retailers finding it a means to save money and collect customer information for future use, mobile POS is equally useful for all stakeholders. It gives you the much needed freedom from paper-based legacy processes and assists you to focus on your core business areas. It helps your business to easily collect customer email addresses while providing customers paperless receipts directly via email.

Improved Security
Mobile POS systems require added security for implementation. Few retailers even have to upgrade their technology in order to meet the security guidelines. Retailers processing transactions today on a mobile device must

  • follow PCI guidelines, and
  • set up a secure wireless environment that uses data encoding process across the wireless network, even while communicating with the server

Our high-caliber i95POS solution runs on a secure, well-built server. It allows sending and receiving data in real time in an encoded format and your mobile units interface with i95POS to better protect your business and your customers from data theft.

Accomplishes more customer checkouts efficiently
If your business is seeing more buyers, it is a good sign to have. But many businesses find it difficult to manage the influx of customers. Imagine your store on a Black Friday, a spike in customers arriving on your store can misbalance your sales outlet and dissatisfy many of your loyal customers. Without a mobile POS solution, your customer service is limited to the number of cash registers you have at any given time. Mobile POS solution gives the desired flexibility to the mobile devices as they interface with ERP or CRM storing all product and customer information in a collective database. It allows store managers to easily implement and manage, and helps to streamline the checkout process for better productivity.

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