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October 24, 2012

Blog 5:Give Your eCommerce Store Robust
Options with Magento Integration

Author Victor Achilles
Category Blog | Magento |

This blog post is a part of the series, “i95Dev Shines the Spotlight on Magento” and offers further discussion on how Magento can benefit your business.

Magento is one of the largest open source eCommerce solutions for stores today. With its flexibility, customizations and user-friendly administration interface, Magento offers a customized look, quality content and unique functions for your store. Each business can create an eCommerce store that is tailored to their specific needs, including back-end functions, such as search engine optimization, catalog management and marketing, all of which can help bring your eCommerce store to the next level. At i95Dev, we consistently receive requests for Magento integration with an ERP application, CRM solution or courier service.

What are the most popular Magento integration requests?

  • Integration of Magento orders into your accounting program for less user error and manual labor
  • The ability to transfer order status, inventory level and images from your accounting system to Magento for quick customer response
  • Automated shipping of the order through the specified courier service

What are the most well received benefits from Magento integration?

  • Decrease in wasted resources with repetitive data entry, as well as the reduced risk of human error
  • Decrease in the time it takes to put together and ship an order
  • Decreased operational costs, as well as a reduced need to hire seasonal or temporary employees

All of the Magento integration services we provide at i95Dev are meant to help you increase your sales, exposure and level of customer service. Our consultants can provide you with industry-specific advice that will help you make your store stand apart from the rest.
What Magento integration services does i95Dev provide?

  • Magento Modules Integration – Implementing the power of Magento on your Joomla/Drupal/Wordpress website.
  • Magento TYPO3 Integration – Enhancing the customer experience while at your eCommerce store
  • Magento Facebook/Twitter Integration – Utilizing the mainstream way consumers communicate today with social media integration
  • Magento ERP Integration – Integrate your order processing and inventory programs to become a seamless process
  • Shipping Integration – Enable customized shipping options, including shipping rates based on their destination and weight
  • Magento API Integration – Integrating the allowance of multiple payment methods, including PayPal
  • Promotional Tools Gateway – Use the built-in marketing features to create a buzz around your store, enhancing its traffic and sales
  • Google Map Integration – Give your customers an easy way to locate your physical store, as well as increase your visibility in Google
  • Custom Integration – Our developers can create any integrations you deem necessary for your store

At i95Dev, our team of experts offers years of experience and knowledge that is earned through our partnership with Magento. We are able to optimize your eCommerce store to create the most successful store that is within your budget. We offer hassle-free communication with a support team that is available 24/7. Contact our experts today to get your Magento integration started and get your eCommerce store on the path to success.


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