February 4, 2015

Boost your sales
using Magento store

Author Jeremy Meyer
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Magento platform fitting best for setting up a web store to conduct commerce online has evolved as an ecommerce leader. The online shopping cart build using Magento CMS is flexible and has spectacular features list which enables to have an online store up and running in record time. The highly scalable architecture and multi store strategy are noteworthy features that make the Magento CMS the classiest solution for the online shoppers. With umpteen features in Magento, understanding them can be challenging. But point to note, Magento’s customization capabilities makes it viable to answer any probable ecommerce question that business owners encounters coming to online sales.

As you move ahead with your Magento store, the following tips will help you increase your store capabilities and boost your sales:

Increase your Magento store speed
Magento is often criticized for being slow, but important to note, it’s not the platform but the configuration that troubles the speed. The server at times does not respond to Magento’s simple needs. So how you speed up things? To make everything run properly, you need to invest wisely in having the platform configured to your specific store. All you need is more memory space or examine your system by a Magento expert to check for caching, themes, images, modules, etc. It is found that those who follow the above checks have increased their performance enormously. A fast Magento store encourages customers to shop, which in turn boost your sales.

Use Responsive Design
Customers nowadays are expecting ease of use and a compelling web experience across all devices, be it a PC, a tablet or a mobile device. Magento has a responsive design that gives the flexibility to adapt the store view from any device customers prefer. Making your site responsive allows easy accessibility to a wider audience thereby increasing your sales.

Improve SEO
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial consideration for any business which is selling online. Same is equally applicable for improving sales on your Magento store. SEO helps search engines find and rank your Magento store in search queries and gives your store a chance to stand out from the competition. In a nut shell, SEO is the most effective way to bring traffic to your Magento store. But how you optimize your Magento store for better search ranking? Use fresh web content that is user friendly and search friendly. Work on links to and from your website, Google indexation, Meta descriptions and keywords. Refrain your Magento store from using contents or images without headings, titles, wrong keywords, too long URLs, flash animation without an HTML alternative and frames for design.

Simplify Checkout Process
Shopping Cart abandonment is a sore problem for most ecommerce sites. Magento’s one step checkout stands handy in getting out of this discomfort. It simplifies the checkout process by combining multiple stages into one, giving customers an end to end checkout visibility in one screen and thereby helping in reducing shopping cart abandonment.

In case Shopping Cart Abandonment is upsetting your ecommerce plans, learn from our eBook Shopping Cart Abandonment – How you deal with it?

Include proper Description and Images for Products
Alike any other ecommerce store, you must focus on presenting your products in the best possible light in your Magento store. Product description should be clear and elaborative to the potential customers and must highlight features and benefits. The first few words should communicate clearly what is for sale. Images should be clear, focused and descriptive as well. High quality images go well with a graceful and stylish Magento Store. Make sure you provide multiple images to show different angles of your products for better understanding of the customers. Give your customers what they expect, and that will definitely improve your sales.

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