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December 13, 2012

Cloud Computing Changes the
Way Retailers Operate

Author Charlie Brown
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In today’s competitive business world, retailers must adapt with every new innovation in technology to keep up with the others in the industry. It is essential to keep up with the customer-driven demands by staying on top of the latest trends and incorporating the latest technology within your online eCommerce structure. One of the latest methods of innovative technology for retailers is cloud computing. Understanding how it works and its benefits will help your business thrive in today’s world.

What Is Cloud Computing?
Retail businesses obtain a large amount of data on a daily basis. In order to stay organized and reduce the risk of losing this important data, cloud computing can be helpful. It allows retail operations to manage data effectively, from capturing the information to analyzing and protecting it. A third-party cloud provider can collect the necessary data from your server and save it for you, providing you with many more benefits along the way.

Analytics at Its Best
One of the largest benefits of cloud computing is its ability to identify trends and the seasonality of various products. It can then monitor the performance of each product, brand or category, providing you with sophisticated analytical results. This allows retailers to stay on top of the trends, include new features and manage the scalability of the development as the reports deem necessary.

More Benefits
With the use of the cloud, retailers can greatly reduce their operational costs. With the ability to use multiple servers across the entire network, retailers can gain optimal performance with little manual labor required. Identifying sales trends, watching the performance of new or existing products and providing results in real-time are all benefits any retailer can gain, enabling them to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

It is vital that all retailers stay with today’s technology, grasping onto the technology cloud computing has to offer. Once more retailers realize the cost advantage of using the cloud, more operations will jump on board. Cloud-based solutions are just emerging; soon enough the market will be saturated and every retailer will make use of this latest technology. For more information about how to reap the benefits of cloud computing, visit the website of i95Dev or call 1-301-760-7499.

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