July 2, 2019

Benefits of a Cloud Connector
for Dynamics ERPs and Magento

Author Kasyapa Malladi
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Have you ever wondered how successful internet giants are managing their large-scale online business? They certainly do not depend on manual interventions for data processing and updates. A simplified way of building that experience is by integrating your Magento platform with the back-end ERP system.

Role of Dynamics NAV and Magento

Internet and online e-commerce stores have played an instrumental role in revolutionizing the whole trade industry. Today, brands cannot resort to physical reach alone since the need to strategize online presence too. This is a huge reason why brands spend their valuable time and capital in establishing a strong online existence such as an e-commerce platform. However, managing an online platform efficiently needs constant technological upgrades.
Magento, being the leading eCommerce open-source software, empowers the online stores of millions of retailers all across the world. With a major market share in the overall eCommerce industry, Magento assists brands in setting-up an e-commerce platform with flexible system solutions.
Secondly, one of the most efficient Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software suites available in the market is Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Dynamics NAV is widely used by mid-level companies and brands around the world. Dynamics brings the entire business module together, starting from warehousing, logistics, finance, electronic point of sales, and the marketplace.
Characteristically, both Dynamics NAV and Magento software, function separately, ensuring the seamless performance of front-end and back-end of an eCommerce store. However, with growth in business and increase in everyday data collection from order, customer details, and product information, updating information from one system to another becomes challenging. Thus, Magento NAV cloud integration such as the one facilitated by integration platform solution is the evident next stride to ensure error-free seamless operation.

Benefits of Cloud Connector for Dynamics ERPs and Magento

Along with the assurance to offer complete data security, integration between Magento software and Dynamics NAV ERP system facilitated by the integration platform, cloud solutions also offer multiple other benefits for an e-commerce store. A fully synced system helps in saving time, minimize errors, and presenting real-time insights for both store owners and customers. It is basically a system that businesses can completely rely upon once they get on a ride of considerable growth for easily managing products, stocks, pricing, customers, website merchandising, web orders, and product categories.
Let us understand the immediate benefits of Magento NAV cloud integration in-depth to comprehend usability and relevance.

  • Eases Product Management
    Maintaining two systems and important data at two places can be complicating for smooth administration. It is often hard dealing with data discrepancies and data duplication, especially when it comes to product information and order updates. Having every data in a single system after a seamless integration is what businesses need after a while.
  • Simplifies Inventory Management 
    Supply chain and inventory management are two backbones of the entire e-commerce business. An integrated system ensures that every order and every transaction is counted in the system automatically, which reduces the scope of error while simplifying the inventory management process.
  • Streamlines Order Management
    Order fulfillment in a timely manner defines the success of any e-commerce store. It channelizes customer satisfaction and boosts the confidence of customers favoring a repeat order. However, it is often observed that non-delivery of order in the speculated time-frame causes the most trouble to the customers. Streamlining order management starts by ensuring every order placed reaches to logistics team in time. Magento NAV integration ensures exactly that without any reliance on manual involvement.
  • Effortless Payment Gateway Integration
    An effortless synchronization of payment process improves business administration. Promoted with almost all kinds of online payment options, such integration also helps in updating payment information from a Shopping Cart to Dynamics NAV.
  • Automate Price Management
    Integration can be extremely significant in offering a customizable pricing system by syncing tier pricing information between the two systems. Online stores can offer specific pricing to specific groups, which in due course improve customer satisfaction.
  • Improves Scale and Efficiency
    Using Magento NAV Cloud connect for integration two systems gives the store owner a free hand in order to work on scaling up the core business. Automating the manual tasks and saving staff’s valuable time enables them to focus on various other significant functions. Automating central work of the e-commerce portal and giving an option to reduce the number of consequential errors sharply enhances productivity. It improves the efficiency of the entire operations team.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    Synchronization of the entire Magento NAV customer data using a cloud solution can be particularly helpful in ensuring optimum customer management. Stores get to offer a self-service portal within the store that functions as a tracking tool for customers. With transaction history and other relevant data getting synced from the ERP system to Magento platform, customer can track and manage their order while significantly enhancing the complete shopping experience.

Taking a quick glance, this integration solution helps an e-commerce business in many ways, which includes:

  • Cutting down overall order turn-around
  • Automatically syncs new sale orders with associated customer and billing details
  • New product in one system automatically reflects in other with all details
  • Smooth the progress of order & inventory management in real-time
  • Any additional functionality can be easily added in the system
  • Constant updates and syncing ensures up-to-date data without disrupting day-to-day activities

The most important aspect of using a Magento NAV cloud connector is that it never interrupts the exciting functionalities of both systems.
i95Dev’s NAV Cloud Connect, a newly launched Cloud Integration solution from i95Dev, is a simplified answer to everyday worries of managing an online store. Free trails to experience the feature-rich solutions on the cloud are available for store owners to comprehend the system and get accustomed to the idea.

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