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March 25, 2013

Combine the Power of Magento,
eBay and Microsoft Dynamics GP

Author Amelia Warner
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If you are looking for ways to increase your customer base, look no further than third-party marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon. These marketplaces make it simple to reach customers without relying on a middleman. The most crucial element to ensure your attempts at selling in these marketplaces are successful is optimal customer service. The systems you implement need to offer superior customer interaction and real-time updates to please every consumer.

Breaking into New Markets

Selling your products in new markets is an exciting endeavor. You open up many possibilities to increase sales and brand awareness. In order for your attempts to be successful, you need to change the way you handle your business, otherwise you run the risk of overwhelming systems and employees and creating a recipe for disaster. The right infrastructure is essential to not only stay in control but also control your costs.

  • One Shopping Cart: Your customers should have one shared shopping cart, regardless of which storefront they use to interact with your operations. This enables you to have one inventory system for the entire company, not individual inventories for each storefront, creating a nightmare on the back-end of your operations.
  • Fluid Order Fulfillment: All orders should flow into one order management system. This, too, helps decrease costs, increase productivity and improve efficiency. Eliminate the need to manage the same information multiple times and work on increasing the sales and productivity of your operations.
  • Integrated Accounting: When you have multiple storefronts, you have multiple operations to manage and more paperwork to handle. Stay ahead of the paperwork and accounting with integrated systems, bringing everything together in one place.

The Extension That Brings It All Together

If you use Magento as your platform for your ecommerce store and manage inventory on GP, we offer a ready-to-use extension that enables you to get started selling on eBay, while offering real-time updates in all your systems. This extension interacts with all 23 eBay marketplaces and supports multiple eBay accounts, enabling you to branch out as much as you want to increase your sales and brand awareness.

Learn the Benefits

  • Easily Create Products: The product quantity and price are automatically updated on eBay, GP or Magento when the listings are revised.
  • Create Special Pricing:  There are a variety of special pricing options you can use to gain more sales. Buy It Now prices, reserve prices and listings with variations make it possible to tailor your pricing as your needs predicate.
  • Create Dynamic Descriptions
    • Item Description Template – Display pertinent information about your products
    • Item Title – Have a custom title option to display the item title in ways that will attract customers
    • Item Subtitle – Have more room to provide pertinent information that will not fit in the title, using text boxes or dropdown lists
  • Sell In-Stock Items: When inventory is updated in real-time between eBay, Magento and GP, you can ensure you are only selling products that are in stock through the use of real-time inventory updates.
  • Automatic Transaction Imports: New orders placed on eBay will automatically be updated in Magento and Dynamics GP in real-time. This eliminates the need for manual entry and duplicate work requirements.
  • Sync Customer Information: Customer details from eBay are created automatically in Magento and GP to create a universal customer account.
  • Real-Time Shipping Updates: Customers want to know where their products are in the shipping process at all times. Eliminate the need for a manual process to check different systems to get your customers the answers they need. Allow automatic updates to inform your customers in real-time of the status of their order, including tracking information.
  • Management of Feedback: Feedback setting can be customized for each of your eBay accounts to enable you to manage them effectively.
  • Automatic Response: This plug-in offers the ability to have an auto response for the buyers’ feedback with predefined templates.
  • Negative Feedback Alert: Get alerted when negative feedback is left to enable you to determine how to handle it.
  • Schedule Product Actions: Product actions can be set to create the exact structure you need for each product; whether you require special pricing or a specific type of listing, it can be customized for each listing.
  • Automate Order Fulfillment: Large orders mean many small shipments if not handled appropriately. Use the automation feature in the ERP system to streamline the order entry and fulfillment process to enhance productivity and profitability.
  • Top Seller Status: When you are able to streamline the order fulfillment and shipping process and provide exceptional customer service, you can achieve a top seller status on eBay quickly.

For more information on this great extension that offers capabilities no other extensions available in the market currently offers, visit our website or contact us to talk to one of your experts to see just how your retail operations can benefit.


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