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March 28, 2013

Developing Apps for Bring
Your Own Device Purposes

Author Mark Johnson
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Smartphone use is rising in popularity, leading many organizations to figure out ways to implement them into their daily functioning. One of the most common ways is allowing employees to use their personal device at work in combination with their organization’s business app. This gives businesses the best of both worlds by allowing everyone to use a device without increasing the costs of the organization’s mobile expenses. This new trend, called bring-your-own-device, or BYOD, is the drive behind the technology in the workplace.

App Development

To create apps for BYOD purposes, proper web development is required to ensure functionality. This makes it easier to have universal use of all applications, especially if you and your employees do not have a lot of experience with the creation of native applications. In addition, careful attention needs to be paid to the privacy, infrastructure and application management to help keep the cost of the application development down to get the most out of BYOD.

The Need for Security

Because of the sensitive nature of all the information that is shared, security is a major concern for businesses. One way to solve this problem is through the use of Mobile Backend as a Service to possess a server in which pertinent data and API can be stored to increase the level of security.

Giving In

Many companies are going to resist the need to give in to BYOD simply due to their worry about security. For most businesses, they will have to give in at some point to some extent to stay competitive in the workforce because a majority of companies are going to go this route.

i95Dev Can Help

The experts at i95Dev hold the expertise to build apps to use on the devices your employees choose to use. Using open web technologies and a single code base, our experts can create an app for every device, making it possible to incorporate every employee’s need into your organization.
The need for cross-platform web technologies will continue to increase far into the future, making it necessary for expert mobile app development, such as that which i95Dev can provide. Our experts can satisfy all the security and capability needs for every device, including JavaScript technologies, providing you with compatible systems for all devices. In addition, our systems will meet all confidentiality and integrity issues. BYOD is more than a way to reduce cost; it is a way to increase employee morale, productivity and efficiency, while adopting new technology in the workplace. Contact i95Dev today to see just how we can help you achieve your goals with BYOD.

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