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July 2, 2019

Do you need a Magento &
Business Central Integration?

Author Kasyapa Malladi
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a stack of business applications that upturn the manner in which we work together. It is intended to coordinate business processes, and Business Central covers each part of the business procedure right from marketing, leads, services, operations, and more.
Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the foundation of the eCommerce business space. Jiva Infotech has helped numerous organizations who use Dynamics NAV for their eCommerce businesses through our Magento Business Central integration. As eCommerce business owners grow, they experience some hindrances, which are clear pointers that you need a Dynamics Magento integration. In this article, we will talk about these obstacles and how our Magento Business Central integration can enable you to defeat these difficulties.
The following are some of the problems to pay special attention to during your organization’s growth phase.

  • Prolonged Downtime

    For any business, it is essential that the team and all the resources are functioning at their maximum productivity. In any case, eventually in the development stage, you discover your resources squandered in situations like dealing with increasing requests, checking of stock levels, constantly responding to customer issues, etc. This is a warning sign that resources need to be allocated for each task, and when left unresolved, can harm your brand image.

  • Errors across different channels

    If you are a business that makes the effort of differentiating various channels in the domains, then you are already ahead of your competitors. However, with a broadened multi-channel approach comes the issue of keeping them up to date. With a multi-channel approach, you also face the issue of maintaining accuracy among them. There can be different errors, for example, wrong shipping addresses, untimely or missed delivery dates, misplaced customer data, and incorrect stock levels leading to underselling or overselling. In case you are encountering these difficulties, it is a definite warning. Your eCommerce business is in need of a highly systematic approach.

  • Mismanagement of Business Functions

    Manually entering and transferring data from your eCommerce business systems to Dynamics Business Central and vice versa has a high probability of human errors. Flexibility is another missing feature in this case. Each of these processes causes delays as additional time is spent on manually refreshing every time data is added or is removed. This places your competitors in a better position as compared to your eCommerce business.

Advantages of Business Central Magento integration

1. Lower operational costs
Business Central Magento integration is distinctive in terms of costs since it offers a  multi-tenant platform where the hardware and software set up costs are low when contrasted with the traditional model. Another benefit is that the user count can be increased or decreased every month. This enables small and medium organizations (SMB) to utilize programming, which they otherwise would not have because of higher installation costs. Maintenance costs are also reduced as no technical support is required.
2. Enables better decision-making ability
eCommerce business can lead to making decisions at pivotal crossroads. i95Dev’s Business Central Magento integration enables you to improve basic leadership. It gives a unified perspective on the entirety of your business tasks and gives you insights into your stock levels, customer services, your business channel streams, and so on. This helps you to make informed choices and gives you an understanding of your activities.
3. An Open Framework
Dynamic 365 Business Central offers various, open ready-to-use APIs and established point-to-point connections between Dynamic 365 Business Central and Magento. It ensures that consistent incorporation between your system and Dynamic 365 Business Central is possible. In this way, you can package your services together by utilizing Magento Business Central integration and give your clients an inclusive experience.
4. Payment process management
Magento Business Central integration offers mechanized functionality for seller payments (Accounts Payable/AP) that makes it simpler to make transactions on your eStore. The functionality enables you to identify the specific items that are often bought by the customers. Business Central Magento integration can enable the automatic and recurring purchase of the same.
5. Judicious Use of Time and Resources
Manual entry of information has a high likelihood of mistakes, laziness, and results in precious time being wasted. i95Dev’s Magento Business Central integration consequently matches up to all the required information like customer data, financial data, product information between your eCommerce store, and Dynamics NAV ERP. This expands your proficiency and time, and thus causes you to invest more energy in procuring and selling rather than execution.
6. Accurate Accessibility to Information
i95Dev’s Magento Business Central integration unites the ERP and Magento, through a tight combination. Steady and error-free information is accessible over the entirety of your business processes. The responsibility for providing accurate information is taken up by Business Central Magento integration. This model also maintains information’s authenticity as the business scales.
7. New Updates and Releases
Dynamics 365 Business Central update installations are automatically available and are accessible without having to install them. Expenses and effort related with upgrades and new releases are lower than the conventional model, that normally powers the client to purchase an update bundle and install it or pay for particular services to get the system upgraded.


Dynamics 365 Business Central is the latest of the Dynamics stable of ERPs and comes packed with features. To make the most of these features, e-commerce owners must build a connected eco-system around it. i95Dev’s Magento Dynamics 365 Business Central Connect help eStore owners to build a tight integration. Contact us to know more about how we can help you build a connected ecosystem.

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