May 10, 2012

Don’t Miss i95Dev
at the IRCE 2012

Author Amelia Warner
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On June 5-8 you will find i95Dev at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition in Chicago. This conference, which is expected to host over 8000 attendees, is a conference not to be missed. Visitors to the i95Dev booth can anticipate learning about how i95Dev can help build their eCommerce site and take it above and beyond the competition. It is not enough to just get by in today’s technologically savvy world. If your online store does not stand above the rest, it will have a tough time succeeding. That is what the IRCE is about and exactly why i95Dev will be in attendance, offering businesses its valuable advice and services.

The IRCE is the largest e-retailing show, making it one of the most important shows for anyone with an eCommerce presence to attend. You will find businesses from the top 500 e-retailers, as well as small companies that wish to not only run along with the big business but eventually run ahead of them. eCommerce makes it possible for businesses of any size to seize the competition and move light years ahead of them in one swift move. At i95Dev, that is our goal, to provide your company with a seamless operation that allows you to take the eCommerce world by storm.

When you visit the i95Dev booth #112 at the IRCE, you can expect to learn how i95Dev can help your company integrate seamless eCommerce productivity into your online store. The areas that i95Dev can help your business include Multichannel Retailing, Marketing & Promotions, Order & Inventory, Fulfillment, Financials, Payments and Customer Relations. We can integrate all of the links your site requires to operate successfully into one seamless operation, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.

The crowds are expected to be large this year, and i95Dev is excited to show what it has to offer to the numerous businesses in attendance. Whether you have a requirement for just an online store or online store with integrated backend or for an end-to-end eCommerce solution, i95Dev can look after them all for you. We will grow with you, offering you timely and successful solutions along the way. At i95Dev we want you to have the ability to offer your customers the buy anywhere, fill anywhere, return anywhere environment.

At i95Dev our clear leadership role in the eCommerce industry has provided us with a vast understanding of every industry, including Clothing & Accessories, Food & Beverage, Electronics & Appliances, Furniture & Home Furnishings, Industrial Equipment, Lifestyle Services, Car & Automotive Goods, Pharmaceutical, Health & Beauty, Sporting Goods, Books & Music, Stationery & Office Equipment, as well as Travel & Accommodations.

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