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August 11, 2015

eBay Integration for your
Magento e-commerce store

Author Matt
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eBay marketplace, Magento eCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics GP are three critical components of an online business. But it takes more than just these three systems to be successful – while they are best at what they do there is a strong need to have these three systems talk to each other.
For most businesses, the need is more apparent (relatively) with eBay and Dynamics GP integration or Magento eCommerce and Dynamics GP Integration. This is because eBay marketplace and Magento eCommerce are always looked in isolation – as two separate sales channels. But with the customer expectations moving towards omni-channel experience it is imperative to look at both these channels, and any other sales channels, and other systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) in conjunction with each other. This is where eBay integration with your Magento eCommerce comes into play.

Here are few ways by which eBay, Magento, and Dynamics GP integration can help you stay ahead of the competition:

Build the Brand Experience

With an eBay integration to your Magento eCommerce managing all product and inventory information in a single system becomes easy. This not only reduces the errors and manual effort but also improves customer experience by providing consistent item/ product information across channels.
Imagine leveraging the easy to use and superior content management capability of Magento eCommerce to manage item/ product information and syncing the information with other systems.
With the eBay integration in place you can also very easily create and upload products from your Magento eCommerce or Dynamics GP system to eBay marketplace without any manual intervention.

Streamline Order Fulfillment and Manage Inventory Better

With integration, eBay and Magento can sync all order information to the Dynamics GP system streamlining the order fulfillment process. The order fulfillment process can then be further automated to reduce order aging and improve customer experience.
Most businesses manage their inventory in their Dynamics GP ERP system. With inventory information now centralized, flowing from Dynamics GP to eBay and Magento, you can now manage your inventory better – avoid over selling of products, improve inventory tracking and timely item replenishment, etc.

Improve Productivity, Operational Efficiency, and Product Margins

With increasing competition businesses, like yours, have no other option but to improve operational efficiency to survive. With reduced errors and manual data entry your business can witness improved productivity and operational efficiency.
Not only that, eBay integration can also help you increase your margins. There are a number of factors outside the core activities such as marketplace fees that can impact your margins. For businesses being a top-rated seller on eBay can mean improved visibility (more sales) and reduced fees (improved margins). The eBay integration with Magento eCommerce and Dynamics GP maintaining the top-rated seller rating on eBay becomes easy. This is due to reduced order aging and timely information sync (shipping tracking number). For more information on that read our blog How to Achieve Top-Rated Seller Status on eBay.

Scale the Business to the Next Level

Imagine manually syncing hundreds of orders every day from eBay marketplace and Magento eCommerce to your Dynamics GP system for order fulfillment. You will either need a large number of data entry operators to manually sync all this information on time (an expensive and error-prone process) or risk delaying order fulfillment (with customer expectations set very high by players like Amazon with next day delivery this will have a huge impact on your customer experience).
It does not end with that. After order fulfillment, you will then have to manually transfer the shipping tracking number from your Dynamics GP system to your eCommerce store and online marketplaces.
With an eBay integration in place you can stop worrying about order and information and focus on things more important to your business. Moreover, the integration also helps you handle the seasonality of your business better.
If you are not already selling on eBay then that is something you must very seriously consider. eBay can help you increase your sales by opening your brand to its vast database of customers. Also read Merits and Demerits of selling on Online Marketplaces

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