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September 26, 2014

Understanding EGE, best of all the worlds
(Magento and Dynamics ERP)

Author Mark Johnson
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Business structures and practices are changing fast. Organizations of today are living in challenging times. With business targets becoming stiffer, managing the complexities of competition is keeping the owners on their toes all the time. Success or failure of a business is now solely dependent on the ability to be flexible and to respond to the external changing environment. Only those who are capable to adapt to the changes and embrace them and learn from tomorrow’s technologies are competent to survive in the race. With such a transmogrification in businesses, systems and processes can no longer have the flexibility to remain isolated. ERP systems automate business processes by placing them into a useful format that is standardized and common for the entire organization and creates a value by integrating the isolated structures. And with ecommerce overcoming the disruptive forces by major shifts in customer expectations, social networks and numerous sales channels, the combination of the two, ecommerce and ERP, brings in a vital spark to e-business.
Understanding the why, how and what of the present day needs and orienting the entire business to be customer centric in the new environment calls for reinventing the business model where technology becomes the driver and the key differentiator. With the need to elevate itself and graduate to new horizon where speed, information, visibility, seamless working of applications connecting different business processes and coordinating among different set-ups form the components of the business chain, i95Dev being one of industry’s leading ecommerce solution provider offers the latest technological revolution, EGE (Ecommerce Growth Engine) that promises to scale up your business efficiency. Guess how? It gives you the best of every necessary tool required to boost your business. It combines the finest and popular ecommerce cart Magento, the Microsoft Dynamics ERP, the product effectively in use by businesses for more than a decade with tight integration with the Microsoft Office for daily use, but most importantly the seamless integration of the two to garnish the businesses with the best possible integration solution from i95Dev to accomplish the ecommerce needs to incorporate value in the business ecosystem.
Magento – the best ecommerce platform
When it comes to setting up an ecommerce site that can pay to get things right first time, Magento is the best known platform. It is feature-rich, professional ecommerce platform that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the content, look and feel, and functionality of their online store. Magento Community Edition is an open source platform whereas Magento Enterprise Edition has additional features that are tailored to specific needs and is considered as a high performance, scalable ecommerce solution for enterprise level businesses. Magento is best known for smooth managing of multiple sites, user friendliness, scalable and secure platform, topnotch analytical and reporting skills, SEO friendliness and flexible integration with m-commerce.
Dynamics ERP – the vibrant ERP on the floor
When it comes to business intelligence, planning and reporting, Dynamics ERPs have it all as these powerful tools can encompass beyond limits. Dynamics ERP offers a refined and unassailable solution that manages inventory and distribution processes adequately. It is ready to use right from the moment of implementation, well known for its seamless integration with third-party systems and is built to work with almost all existing systems. It is easier to use out-of-the-gate ERP solely based on its ties to Microsoft Office and has its own look and feel, which adds to the learning curve for new users. It is often recommended by experts for its well-to-do reporting and business analytics features, and excellent functionalities which gives customers the freedom to retain and exercise as much control over their applications and data, efficient and easy integrations with Dynamics CRM and full spectrum of in-house customizations.
With two best in class systems, Magento and Dynamics ERP in place, EGE helps to leverage the most of these two premium systems by integrating seamlessly and introducing additional features that amplify a new dimension to the industry. It is a feature rich application suite that enables retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors to optimize their online sales and service and proficiently reinforce both B2B and B2C setups by allowing real-time access to plentiful of third party systems, tools and applications including multiple web, mobile and Facebook stores and third party marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay in umpteen languages. EGE promises to increase sales multi-fold and helps to grow margins by decreasing operational inefficiencies.
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