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June 26, 2014

Enhance B2B Customer Shopping
Experience with Personalization

Author Victor Achilles
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Much like consumers, businesses today have changed the way they purchase products and services from manufacturers and distributors. B2B shoppers also want the same type of shopping experience that B2C shoppers want: convenience, ease of use, make product comparison, research prices, read reviews and finally make a purchase.B2B companies who understand this strive to service their customer need to understand the importance of personalization. In our article we have highlighted few ways through which B2B companies can enhance customer shopping experience through personalization

  • Personalized Content– Consumer retailers excel at using personalized content to the meet specific customer needs. Now a trademark of the online consumer experience, various personalization features like customized product recommendations, best-seller lists, and wish-listing, not only save time for buyers but also gives B2B the opportunity to create personal connections with buyers
  • Enhanced Search capabilities– Extensive product catalogs make robust search capabilities an e-commerce essential. In B2C ecommerce, online retailers give consumers the ability to perform accurate searches across a range of products. B2B e-commerce platforms need to provide the same level of convenience and ease of use, allowing their customers to go beyond basic SKU-based searches functionality and locate items according to product details, price, and availability
  • Significant browsing experiences– In the Digital world ecommerce has come a long way since the early days, when B2B e-commerce web sites were little more than glorified an order-entry systems. To remain competitive, your website needs to be flexible enough to accommodate the needs of both browsers (visitors who want to spend hours researching and viewing products) and buyers (customers who know exactly what they want to purchase)
  • Robust Content management system– B2C e-commerce platforms have now evolved to enable retailers to seamlessly manage huge volumes of data for consumers. The necessity for strong content management is even more critical in the B2B ecommerce sector, where product catalogs are often characterized by mind-numbing quantities of items sorted by precise product specifications
  • Customization– In B2B ecommerce, customers require the ability to configure products and services. By adopting B2C ecommerce customization features  brands & B2B can enable customers to view product details, availability, and pricing information  for custom-configured equipment and other tailored B2B offerings
  • Reviews & Social Integration– Now day’s online consumers increasingly relying on customer reviews, ratings and social network to make purchase decisions. These features can also benefit B2B service providers, especially if they allow brands to monitor customer interactions. The catch is that your brand needs to sell large volumes (more than 2,000 units per year) of commoditized, interchangeable products for rating and social network integration to provide superior value to customers
  • B2B features– Using a B2C ecommerce store and extending it to your B2B customers does not alone make it a B2B ecommerce store. The needs of your B2B and B2C customers are very different and no one size can fit all. Below highlighted few features which are critical for your B2B ecommerce store; businesses can leverage these B2B features to gain competitive edge over their competitors.
  • SalesPerson module
  • Advanced quotation module
  • Credit Limit module
  • B2B frequent order module(quick order module)

The difference between B2C and B2B ecommerce approaches might make the adoption of consumer e-commerce features feel counter intuitive. But, at the end, B2B procurers are the consumers who make purchases for their employers. By incorporating targeted B2C ecommerce features into B2B e-commerce platforms, brands can benefit from their customers’ familiarity with common online buying tools as well as the significant improvements those features bring in to the customer experience.

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