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November 25, 2013

Give Your Customers Peace of Mind
with Enhanced Delivery and Return Options

Author Jeremy Meyer
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A recent report released by the Online Shopping Customer Experience Study showed that more than half of consumers who shop online consider the retailer’s return policy first before placing a purchase.

According to these consumers, they prefer online merchants that have flexible returns options. In fact, the same consumers claimed that there is a good chance they would recommend the company to people they know if it has a lenient policy on returns.
Aside from the return policy, consumers also look at the company’s delivery times when making a decision to shop from an online retailer. Studies show that one-third of customers is willing to pay extra for overnight or faster shipping. On the other hand, most customers still prefer to pay the regular shipping fee for the regular delivery time. However, this majority of consumers are not willing to wait more than five days for their item. The study shows that two to three days time is the most ideal delivery time for most customers.
These studies show that consumers want choices and convenience while shopping. For enhanced delivery and return options, consider incorporating the following features to your ecommerce site.

Multiple Delivery Time Options

As mentioned earlier, delivery times play a significant role in ecommerce success. In fact, nearly half of consumers who shop online reported backing out of their orders when they found the delivery times to be unsatisfactory. Therefore, it’s important to offer multiple options when it comes to delivery times. Some customers are willing to wait for their orders, some are willing to pay extra for faster shipping while a few are willing to pay the maximum fee for same-day or overnight shipping. Therefore, it’s important to offer all these options on your site.

Convenient Returns Policy

Not having a comprehensive returns policy is one way to lower your chances of making a sale. Customers are more likely to buy from a retailer if they have the assurance that they can return the product if they are somehow unsatisfied with it. Naturally, having a simple returns policy is not enough. The policy should be convenient and hassle-free and should give the consumer plenty of options.

Product Tracking Feature

If you promised a delivery time to your customers then it goes without saying that you should keep your word. Customers want to know where their product is and get the assurance that it’s being shipped right on schedule. Therefore, it’s a good idea to offer product tracking so customers can keep updated as to where their product is at any given moment.

Secure Payment Option

Once the customer has filled his shopping cart and  is ready to check out, you don’t want him to suddenly change his mind because the payment option looks unsafe or doesn’t offer the payment method he prefers. Therefore, it’s in online retailers’ best interest to invest in a wide range of the best online payment security features. It’s also important to give customers multiple options on how to pay.
When implementing these delivery and return options, make sure you apply them to both your social and mobile ecommerce platforms. Once you are ready to incorporate these features into your ecommerce site, feel free to contact us at or call us on 301.760.7499. Our experts are standing by and ready to help.

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