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June 20, 2012

How Augmented Reality can
Help your Advertising

Author Luke Walker
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Make augmented reality a part of your advertising and realize the difference that it makes for your customers and your brand. Running a fine line between the real-world and the virtual world, users are unable to determine what is real and what is computer generated. Augmented reality offers businesses an interactive world in real-time, giving customers the chance to really feel their product or service.

Augmented reality, otherwise known as AR, imposes on the view of our real-world by utilizing computer-generated sensory to change what we see. The computer generation can include any type of input that alters our senses. Some of the enhancements that AR utilizes are video, sound, GPS data and graphics. The possibilities for AR are tremendous and are just starting to be explored.

There is a major difference between augmented reality and Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality is not real. Virtual Reality is basically a made up world. Augmented reality on the other hand is an enhancement of reality. Whether the enhancements are minor or major, augmented reality simply changes how we look at the real world.

Think of augmented reality as a medium to change what we see. It is a great way to change how customers see your advertising. AR is much more stimulating and enticing than a standard video. It allows companies to take their standard ads and turn them into a highly interactive experience for the customer. Augmented reality apps are changing the way of advertising for the future.

Augmented reality promises to make tremendous changes in the marketing world. Even though it is just starting out, augmented reality is sure to change how mobile applications affect your advertising efforts.

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