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November 19, 2012

How to Achieve Top-Rated
Seller Status on eBay

Author Jeremy Meyer
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When consumers are making the decision whether to make a purchase online, oftentimes their final consideration is the cost of shipping and speed of delivery. If you offer free shipping and fast delivery, your products are more likely to sell online, whether through your eCommerce store or a third-party marketplace. eBay has taken these considerations seriously by pushing sellers to handle transactions within 24 hours, as well as requiring them to provide tracking information to customers to retain top-rated seller status. The overall goal eBay is trying to achieve is to provide a better end-user experience for all consumers.

What Consumers Want
Consumers demand information in real-time. They want to know where their package is, as well as when it is scheduled to be delivered. In addition, consumers want exceptional customer service, including in-stock products and extensive communication from the retailer to provide consumers with a good all-around experience.

The Problem
The open source eBay extension that is already in existence automates all orders from eBay to Magento, allowing eCommerce stores to stay on top of inventory and orders at all times without the need for manual updates. Once the order has reached Magento, it is synced to the GP interface through the use of Magento GP Connect. The final step in the process is to ship the product and relay the tracking number to the customer. This is done by Magento GP Connect updating Magento. Unfortunately, eBay does not allow third-party API’s, which means retailers have to manually update eBay with the tracking information.

A Solution to the Problem
The experts at i95Dev created a solution to this problem with our latest extension. We understood the manual labor, costs and loss in productivity eBay has caused by requiring all sellers to provide tracking information to remain a top seller. Our innovative extension will obtain the tracking information from GP Connect and add it to the GP orders. This will then update eBay automatically, eliminating the need for manual labor and a loss in productivity. It also eliminates the risk of human error manual updates can cause. Our extension will allow the tracking information to be updated within 24 hours, increasing customer satisfaction and retaining your high ratings on eBay. Even though eBay tried to make things more difficult for sellers, i95Dev found a way to make the process seamless for your company, giving you the best of both worlds.

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