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February 8, 2022

How to get the most out of your ERP and eCommerce Solution?

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the backbone of any business today. Be it B2B or B2C, having an ERP system that manages all your back-end operations is an utmost necessity. Many companies have top ERP systems implemented like Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP Business One, SAGE 100, QuickBooks, etc., but the outcomes are not as expected. 

Similarly, the post-pandemic world demands an online presence for almost all kinds of businesses. An eCommerce platform that suits your business functions well may not always yield the desired results. 

Merchants go from A to Z to select the right ERP software and suitable eCommerce platform. In this blog, we will discuss why we say, that selection and maintenance alone is not enough. There are some crucial steps beyond the initial stages. 

How to get the most out of your ERP and eCommerce Solution?

An ERP system and a good eCommerce platform are the main pillars of a business. The need here is to understand that both ERP system and eCommerce platform are two separate systems, each having its own properties, designed to fulfill a certain set of tasks. To break it down, an ERP system is developed to manage all the backend operations, and an eCommerce platform is designed to generate sales and to be the face of your brand. 

Now, no matter how good solutions you pick, they will still perform the tasks they were developed for. For them to give their best, both ERP and eCommerce systems need to be connected and should work as one. 

It is as simple as believing in teamwork in real life, you must be expecting your employees to work collaboratively for better results. The same goes for the ERP and eCommerce systems. And that happens in two ways. 

Get the most out of ERP and eCommerce systems:

  • ERP Integration
  • Build an eCommerce ecosystem

ERP Integration

Having your ERP system and eCommerce platform integrated is more than necessary. Now, most of the merchants would say, handling each of these systems alone is a task in itself. So, will it do us any good by merging the two? Such questions are obvious, but ERP integration will bring only advantages. 

  • Business growth
  • Increased productivity
  • Eliminate manual work
  • Optimized operations

ERP integration connects the two systems in such a way that enables the bi-directional flow of information. As a result, all the work that your executives have to perform manually is automated. This means there is information flow between the two systems without any human intervention, which results in error-free tasks, minimum time spent, improved productivity, and flawless operations. 

All the orders placed on the eCommerce store are automatically synced and placed on the ERP system. The inventory is checked in the background, no matter how many warehouses you have. 

The fun part here is that things are no different for B2B businesses, despite the fact that, the change B2B sector demands with its business processes. B2B businesses have to deal with major challenges like multiple rounds of quotations and approvals, bulk orders, error-free inventory management, shipment tracking, etc. An ERP integration takes care of it all!

ERP integrations also bring in more opportunities to channel your efforts in building strategies. It helps you manage omni-channel sales effectively and offer the desired customer experience. 

Looking for integration solutions for Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce with Microsoft Dynamics, SAGE 100, SAP, and QuickBooks ERP systems?

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Build an eCommerce Ecosystem

Building an eCommerce ecosystem is where every system you need to run your business is integrated and works as one. This includes eCommerce store, ERP system, POS, other sales channels, communication systems, etc. 

An eCommerce ecosystem can be built by implementing an integrated eCommerce solution. It is a solution that has the power to accelerate business growth. 

  • Create a unique shopping experience
  • Engage customers
  • Streamline operations
  • Drive sales
  • Improve Productivity
  • Establish a global brand

i95Dev’s eCommerce Growth Engine (EGE) is a one-of-a-kind multi-channel integrated eCommerce solution powered by Magento for Microsoft Dynamics and SAP ERP systems. It has the ability to manage both B2B and B2C businesses simultaneously from a single platform. The solution helps retailers, manufacturers, and distributors to go-to-market quickly. 

Seigers Seeds a 100 year-old company is known for delivering unique and quality seeds to farmers across the USA.
We implemented our multi-channel integrated eCommerce solution (EGE) and the results were amazing:

  • 20% Increase in order volume
  • Order fulfilment time reduced by 30%

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How can i95Dev help you?

Many B2B and B2C brands have implemented the above-mentioned solutions to get the most out of their ERP and eCommerce systems. If you need some more information on why you need an ERP integration or an integrated eCommerce solution? Click here to get a free copy of our most-read ebook: 18 Crucial Reasons You Should Integrate ERP & eCommerce. Or you can contact us now and get a free consultation as per your business requirements.

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