February 26, 2019

How to make your SAP B1 ERP
system more effective?

Author Kasyapa Malladi
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We all do not like when our ERP doesn’t work effectively. Right? It becomes even more essential when you are an e-commerce player who is trying to gain a competitive edge. The SAP B1 ERP is feature rich and adds a great value to the growth of your business. Though, SAP B1 helps you organize your e-commerce company better, most of you might not be using the ERP system to its full potentiality. So, we have attempted to find ways to make your SAP B1 effective. Firstly, let us take a look at the things you have been doing wrong with your ERP.

Things you are not doing right with your ERP

Not understanding the requirement

Most of you might have chosen your SAP B1 ERP system for better organization efficiency. But, many of you might not even have a fair understanding of what purpose your SAP B1 is going to serve. A study states that “21% of ERP implementations fail to deliver significant business benefits.” The underlying question as to why it is happening has a simple answer. Most of the companies have no fair understanding of what their business requirement. Having no clear understanding of what you want from your ERP system hinders the business advantages.

No maintenance plan

Implementing an ERP is not as easy. If you are successful in implementing ERP for your organization, then you are halfway on the road to success. But, it doesn’t stop there. The maintenance strategy is as important as the implementation. If you don’t update your SAP B1 ERP, firstly, there are risks of security issues. Secondly, there are possibilities of disruptions in the business processes. Improving SAP B1 ERP at regular intervals ensures you are not obsolete or outdated. Maintained ERP system runs smoothly and is up-to-date with the latest applications.

Wrong estimation of the resources

Another common mistake you might be doing is the wrong estimate of resources. You need to have a precise calculation of the internal and external resources you need for the project. You need to consider the time commitment from business users for internal resources. For external resources, having an agreement up-front with your consultants and contractors about the specific duration, skills, and quantity of resources needed is critical.

Ways to increase the effectiveness of SAP B1 ERP system Understand why

Gaining an understanding of why you need SAP B1 for your business and the purpose it is going to fulfill for you is essential. Any ERP is typically designed to handle the management of materials, inventory control, supply chain, purchasing, finance, and accounting. So, you must be able to clearly define the way you are using SAP B1 ERP system. The answers will facilitate the growth of your e-commerce business and help you beat competition using SAP B1. Make it mandatory to derive the goals you can achieve with SAP B1 ERP.

Optimize your SAP B1

In order to transform your business using ERP, you must make time to streamline and change the processes it supports. Look at how you can handle each of the aspects handled by the ERP. For instance, understanding how you can optimize your inventory with an endless aisle can help. Optimize your SAP B1 based on the needs of different departments to maintain a free flow of the process across the organization. Work towards achieving a common ground with all the departments to organize the workflows. Organized workflows reduce the turnaround time for many business processes.

Improvise continuously

Continuously updating and adjusting the ERP in alignment with the business goals can be useful. It is not a stagnant process and needs updates on a regular basis. Have an annual budget and review plan in place. By updating your ERP software on regular basis, you can gain insights into the business processes. You can leverage the ERP to its full potential with little improvisations.

Maximize value with a custom dashboard

Customize your SAP B1 based on the users in different functional areas. Make an analysis of which tools will cater to which teams. This will enable you to provide only those features and tools to those respective teams. For example, the human resources team will need a different set of tools when compared to the accounting team. Create custom dashboards to address the needs of individual teams. All the teams can use the same system but should have interface personalized to serve them. If the SAP B1 interface is customized for users, providing the most relevant information, the right information reaches the right people. Now, align it with custom reports and you can leverage this data to set actionable business goals.

Integration for automation

Lastly, you can make your SAP B1 ERP effective by integrating it with your e-commerce platform. There are many challenges SAP B1 integration can address for you. Integration helps in the seamless mapping of data across systems. You can address the following aspects for your e-store with the help of integration

Order Management

You can leverage the scalability of your SAP B1 and e-commerce platform by automating the order fulfillment process with the help of order sync between the two systems using the connector.


You can work on enhancing your relationship with your customers by having a piece of centralized information and providing customers with real-time updates.

Products/ Items

You don’t have to worry anymore about capturing and managing complex product information (description, attributes, prices, categories, and more). Integration handles it for you!


You can manage your inventory better as the data is synced between your SAP B1 and e-commerce platform. You can avoid underselling and overselling. Cool! Isn’t?

Invoices & Payments

Handle your accounts with data sync and keep the rumbling with numbers at bay. You can sync the invoice and payment information.

Shipping & Others

You can make your customers happy by automating order status and shipping tracking number updates from your SAP Business One ERP system to e-commerce platform.


We believe all the tips mentioned about will add value to your existing ERP system and make it more effective. i95Dev specialize in one of the areas i.e. integration to make your SAP B1 better. We help you customize the integration of your SAP B1 and Magento e-commerce in alignment with your business requirements. Talk to us today and find the customized integration solution for your business.

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