February 13, 2013

HTML5 Changes the Way
Businesses Use the Internet

Author Luke Walker
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The latest technology today has made globalization easy for businesses of all sizes. Businesses and consumers all over the world can more easily connect. The popularity of the smartphone has made globalization even more widespread.

The Internet in Your Pocket
The next generation web applications are using the HTML5 standard. This latest phenomenon is a step up from the current HTML with which most people are already familiar. The added features enhance the common features consumers are used to, as well as move on to the way experts predict consumers will interact with the Internet in the future.

Changing the Pace
The hardware that supports HTML5 is greatly changing as well. There is a trend of more accessible and affordable mobile data access, as well as acceptance of the new technology by major browser and mobile browser vendors.

Mobile Development Made Easy
HTML5 simplifies mobile development and includes geo-location, a feature that is widely needed in today’s technology. Through the use of JavaScript, any web browser will be able to retrieve geographic positioning information, enabling many new uses for businesses. Various other new features that are included are sensors, cameras, local storage and enhanced graphics. Data can be easily stored and exchanged, and video, audio, animations and complex layouts can be easily viewed.

User Friendly for the Target Audience
HTML5 makes it easy for users to fill out web forms, even on mobile devices. It also enables businesses to offer effective mobile websites that are easy to read and use. Mobile development will become easier to operate and develop, as well as make it harder for malicious sites to con users into navigating toward dangerous or untrusted content.

HTML5 is an overall technological innovation that helps to reduce mobile development costs and bring desktop applications to the mobile user. It is a great option for companies that want to attract customers on the desktop, as well as the mobile platform, easily and effectively.

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