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June 27, 2011

i95Dev Magento Coupon Referrals
– Apply Coupons from Banners

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Attract your customers and reward your customers. Redirect more customers in less time to your website. Run Multiple campaigns at one time.

Product Highlights

Features of the plugin are:

  • Ability to auto apply Coupons from specified URL’S
  • Ability to auto – calculate discount amount from coupons in shopping cart
  • No provision for manual entry of ‘Coupon code’
  • Ability to apply coupons for all the CMS pages in Magento.

Quick Overview

i95Dev Coupon Referrals Extension enable users to apply automatically for discount amount from the referral URL’S. This extension has the ability to aut-apply coupons from specified URL’s with discount specifications which increases promotional campaigns. when a customer lands on your site from the specified URL’s, they get promotional discount fixed to that particular campaign. This is the time to reward your customers and run campaigns for business promotions.

Product Screens

Screen shots are provided below for reference:

To enable the extension

To apply the coupon code

Coupon Code Applied

Know More about this Extension:

You might be unable to get the concept so let me explain briefly.
You can add the shopping cart discounts by adding coupon.If no coupon code is given the discount is carried out when the product/products satisfying the condition of the coupon is added to cart.

When a coupon with coupon code(Specific Coupon) is added the coupon only applies when it is specified in the column and ‘Apply Coupon’ button is clicked.

Suppose you want user to enter the coupon code then this plugin will be useful for you.You only have to sent the coupon code along with the url,so when the product is added to cart the coupon will be automatically applied and the discount will be carried out.
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