September 28, 2021

Integrate Orders, Shipping, Inventory
With The Help Of Shopify GP Connector

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With the recent surge in demand for on-demand delivery, it’s more critical than ever for businesses to get their products delivered to consumers not just on time but at rates that would have been called “lightning quick” only a few years ago. It’s a fact that’s a genuinely double-edged sword for both big and small businesses: many customers have become accustomed to same-day or two-day shipping and are making more online purchases as a result. However, it also implies that they have high expectations when it comes to getting your items. 

Setting up an effective order fulfillment procedure that is custom-fit for the demands of your particular business is one of the greatest methods to get an advantage in ecommerce.

To stay up with the rising complexity, you’ll need to implement an ERP solution to streamline all backend processes.

i95Dev’s Shopify GP Connector is a pioneer among all market offerings with its extensive features, technological excellence, and support availability. It may give your Shopify shop several operational and tactical advantages, allowing you to boost your ROI, company agility, and overall capabilities. Let’s have a look at how Shopify GP integration can help you boost your Shopify business:

What Issues Can The Shopify-GP Connector Integration Solve?

Overwhelmed operations are one of the most typical challenges that each expanding eCommerce business encounters. You can utilize Shopify’s built-in manual processing tools for up to a few orders each day. However, once a certain threshold is reached, operations become progressively difficult to control. Inventory availability, carrier-specific shipping rates, payment verification, returns processing, order tracking, and product bundling are just a few of the key issues that need to be addressed.

For accounting and auditing purposes, all of these operations must be well-coordinated and thoroughly recorded. In addition, you may be required to manually input and manage various databases across departments, resulting in problems owing to overlapping data and duplication of labor. To put it another way, each element of operations gets more difficult.

Order Processing Should Be Automated

The Shopify Dynamics GP integration will aid in the automation of order processing tasks. This includes showing real-time quantities of available items, shipping prices, projected delivery time, payment confirmation, and invoicing. The Shopify-ERP connection can assist in preventing issues caused by the rapid growth of online sales.

Because online selling entails multiple ancillary operations with each transaction, automation is the only option to keep up with such a dramatic rise in demand. On the other hand, it allows you to upscale and downscale your business at almost no expense.

Reduce Buffer Stock And Shorten Inventory Lead Times By Reducing Buffer Stock You may deliberately lower the buffer stock to better assess your product consumption rates and sales forecasting tools. GP Connector also aids in vendor profiling and helps you optimize your lead time estimations. This will decrease your inventory carrying expenses while also freeing up space in your warehouse.

You’ll either overstock specific goods or have continual shortages despite high demand if you don’t have a properly controlled, integrated solution. You could also discover that old inventory is piling up at your storage facility, and your employees are only transporting the fresh products.

You may also utilize sales data to predict demand and calculate your online business’s EOQs (economic order quantities). It also offers you a list of products that should be eliminated to make room for more profitable items, as well as product bundling recommendations.

Improving Customer Experience 

As a result of your improved infrastructure, you may expect significant client retention and a CX boost. Customers of your Shopify store, for example, may take advantage of the most cost-effective shipping option owing to real-time sync. You may also give them attractive marketing offers, packages, discount grids, coupons, and customized discounts.

Shopify GP Connector has tools to automate replacements and reimbursements as part of automated service request processing. As a result of the

Shopify GP Connector integration, you may have access to a variety of client-facing features. In addition, the pandemic has had a significant impact on customer behavior, necessitating the development of improved client service skills for customer success in the coming days.

Bi-Directional Data Synchronisation In Real-Time For Smoother Order Shipping

Through automation and human inputs when needed, all actions are recorded in a single database. It serves as the one source of truth and removes the need for numerous data inputs. As a result, all human mistakes are reduced, and your company’s many divisions may operate together in harmony. To ensure data fidelity, bi-directional synchronization also enables controlled access to information. This, in turn, helps streamline order shipping across stakeholders. 

This is a huge benefit since it allows you to speed up each procedure of your eCommerce business without sacrificing operational precision. The resulting solution will improve all of your company’s operations in a compounded way. As a result, we may consider the integration’s advantages to be design-based, one of the most important factors when shipping operations are concerned.

Final Thoughts
Shopify Dynamics GP Integration

is a powerful ERP system and because of its technological capabilities, it is a great fit for eCommerce shops. However, executing the integration process will necessitate finding the proper vendor for your Shopify store since the success of the solution is primarily determined by how well it is tailored to suit your company’s strategy. We hope that this article helps understand the role of a

Shopify GP connector in integrating shipping, inventory, and shipping management.

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