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November 14, 2017

Magento 2 for B2C
Ecommerce – Top 5 Features

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The choice of ecommerce platforms in the market is myriad. Companies need a system to handle their growth. It might either to help them venture into ecommerce or expand their current store. Either way, adopting an ecommerce platform is a make or break decision for the future of business. This blog highlights key aspects of Magento 2 for B2C ecommerce.
Magento has a grand history of enabling many ecommerce players operate successfully for years. The business model of Magento is split into Community and Enterprise. Community edition can be the ideal for new ecommerce players to start their operations with minimum changes. An ecommerce player can be grow either by customizing the community edition or purchase the Enterprise edition. Magento 2 operates on the same business model, giving operators the much needed control on their operations.
Let us look at the top 5 feature that make Magento 2 ideal choice for ecommerce players.

Key Features Magento 2 for B2C ecommerce?

  • Magento 2 is great for personalization

    Magento 2 is a great tool to provide a personalized shopping experience for your shoppers. Magento 2 collects and stores purchase information of both guest and registered customers.
    For guest customers the useful information stored are:

    • Value in the shopping cart
    • Product quantity in the shopping cart
    • Products in the shopping cart based on product attribute information
    • Products viewed and liked by the shopper again based on product attribute information

    For registered customers the useful information that can be stored in Magento 2 is:

    • Customer attributes and address information
    • Products wish (vital for personalized offers)
    • Past order information such as shipping address, Sales amount, Number of orders, quantity purchased, etc.

    Magento 2 can store customer information to deliver personalized experience. Customer segment based shopping cart rules and, cross sell and up sell based on their previous search and buying history are to name a few.

  • Magento 2 has great search options

    Before explaining you the search functionality of Magento 2, let us look at how search works in Magento 1. It supported three types of search functionality.

    • Likes: This method lets customers find products similar to the words the shopper searched. If they search Brown Leather jacket the results are shown for Brown and leather jacket.
    • Full text: This method allows shoppers find products which are exact match for the search result entered. A Brown leather jacket type shows the exact product.
    • Combine: The above-mentioned search was too rigid and risked a chance of losing potential shoppers, if the terms brown leather jacket are absent in the product name.

    Magento combined both the ‘Like’ and ‘Full Text’ method to form a third search method called combine method.

    • Features like ‘Quick search’ where a product can be searched just with a part of the product name or even the attribute of the product.
    • Advanced search: This search functionality is present in the footer of your website. The shopper specifies their attributes or specifications and the search commences based on these relevant inputs.
  • Improved security features

    Given that, the ecommerce platform provides a storefront, its security capabilities are of great importance. What good is an ecommerce platform that cannot provide enhanced security measures?
    This is exactly where Magento 2 brings in a major strength. The evolution in security features for ecommerce is evident because Magento 2 has packed some robust features too.

    • Enhanced password management: Passwords are the basic line of defense and they can even be easily beaten. Courtesy user’s practices and poor password practices. Magento 2 just comes to your rescue by using a SHA-256 hashing algorithm.
    • Availing regular updates: Magento 2 is moving away from its predecessor Magento 1 and making the platform less risky for businesses like you. There has been a steady stream of security patches for Magento 2. Magneto team actively identifies threats and pushing updates accordingly.
  • Streamlined checkout process

    Giving shoppers a smooth purchase process, you earn a repeat business with a better chance of brand loyalty. That is exactly what Magento 2 as a platform offers your ecommerce business, a streamlined checkout process.
    The features offered by Magento 2, which enhances the checkout experience for shoppers, are:

    • Guest checkout: Unlike its predecessor Magento 1, Magento 2 offers the shopper to checkout as a guest. If the customer e-mail is already stored in the database, Magento 2 prompts them to login via their email and checkout as a guest. This makes their process hassle free.
    • Shipping quote: Magento 2 automatically allows your shopper to know the shipping information as soon as they provide details. This helps shoppers know their shipping quotation even before they complete the checkout process.
    • Ease of providing address: Your customers do not have to provide the complete billing address in your Magento 2 platform. They can simply check off if their billing address and shipping address are the same. This also helps in streamlining your checkout process.
    • Mini shopping cart: Magento 2 allows your shoppers to check product images in their order summary which would be located at the sidebar. The total number of products, attributes and the amount added by your shopper to their cart is displayed. This ensures your shoppers dint add any extra or unwanted product to their basket and gives them the leverage to make changes.
  • Ease to integrate

    Magento 2 does a great job with integration. It is a great communicator and it integrates like a dream with your ERP, PIM and CRM. Magento 2 makes integration easy with a variety of databases that include various third party tools too.

Ecommerce platform integration can have a multiplier effect on your eco-system. Read our ebook on 18 reasons for integration here. If you operate on a hybrid business model for both B2B and B2C, refer to recent ebook here.


It is safe to conclude that the points mentioned in this article are only the proverbial ‘Tip of the iceberg’. We at i95Dev are very good at helping ecommerce players exploit the intricacies of Magento 2. If you are looking to know further about what Magento 2 can do for your business as a platform do contact us at
We would be more than happy to help you embark upon an adventurous ecommerce voyage. We have experience in helping ecommerce players across industries. Our core expertise lies in building ecommerce stores, support services along with building eco-systems.

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