April 1, 2016

Magento Imagine 2016 – Do
you understand Magento 2.0?

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Magento 2.0 is going to be at the center of conversations at Magento Imagine this year. And if you do not understand Magento 2.0, reasons why you should adopt/ upgrade to Magento 2.0 or migrate from your existing store to Magento 2.0 then you might find yourself lost at the event.

i95Dev was among the few early Magento partners to become Magento 2.0 trained solution partner and to help merchants and partners understand Magento 2.0, we have documented our learning from the process into an eBook “Your Step by Step Guide to Understanding Magento 2”.

Your Step by Step Guide to Understanding Magento 2
The eBook discusses Magento 2.0 at length under the following categories

  • The Change – How is Magento 2.0 different from Magento 1.x?
  • The Impact – How do the changes impact various stakeholders including end customers (using the eCommerce store), the merchants looking to adopt eCommerce store, the merchants on Magento 1.x stores, and the Magento developers & partners.
  • The How – Should you consider upgrading from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.0? What are the important factors that you must evaluate before deciding to upgrade from 1.x to 2.0?

The eBook will be of great help for people planning to attend Magento Imagine conference this year. Armed with the information in the eBook attendees will be better equipped to understand the sessions, drive conversations on the expo floor and more.
Click here to download your copy now.
Magento Imagine 2016 – Do you understand Magento 2.0-Download
If you need help understanding if Magento 2 is right for you or in migrating / upgrading from your existing store to Magento 2.0, schedule a meeting with the i95Dev experts at Magento Imagine 16 booth #207. Click here to schedule a meeting now.
Magento Imagine 16 - Schedule a Meeting with i95Dev
We will also be hosting a breakout session on Integrate Magento, ERP, POS and CRM for Omni-channel Success, where we will also unveil our brand new integration solution powered by Magento that will enable business leaders to go Omni-channel, with just click of a button. Not just that, you can also see our amazing products Ecommerce Growth Engine and Mobile POS in action, which is bound to be relevant for your business.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Alternatively, you can also contact i95Dev here.

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