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August 23, 2017

How to make the most
of Amazon Marketplace

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In the current market conditions, brands appreciate the need sell through multiple sales channels and build a strong brand association with major online marketplaces. Let us consider the case of Amazon to understand how brands can leverage on third party marketplaces to promote themselves.

Amazon is the current undisputed king of e-commerce and it is very difficult for an independent retailer to take on this behemoth. In order to survive and thrive, you should instead leverage on the Amazon’s influence on the e-commerce market.

While having an Amazon store online is a start, here are some aspects that can help improve your presence on Amazon. For more information on our integration integrated e-commerce offering, visit our offerings page.

  • Reviews are serious business
    What is the purpose of operating in an e-commerce domain when you do not take advantage of social and customer reviews? According to Yotpo, a review and content aggregator, products with four-star ratings receive 12 times more orders than those with average rating of three stars. In addition, products with an average of five stars have 126% more orders than four-star rated products.
    These stats further strengthen the belief that reviews help create positive perception, and hence lead to better sales. E-commerce businesses planning to sell on Amazon should leverage on tools like Feedback Five. These tools help managing negative and neutral feedbacks while watching the trends. Request removal of negative feedbacks and managing Amazon product reviews are also helpful in creating a positive perception among buyers. Encourage your customers to give detail reviews of your products. Some examples of this are video reviews, showing the unboxing videos and detailed product photographs taken by them.
  • Leverage on Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)
    Selling via FBA is a great way to reach your audience. It brings a great deal of benefits like dependable logistics, higher sales volume as you can sell to Amazon Prime audience, customers pay more for the same product due to trust factor and also gives you an edge with Buy Box. These aspects can help you manage inventory better by reducing the warehouse costs and increase the overall revenue, while increasing your customer satisfaction. For more info on this, read our blog on advantages of using FBA.
  • Better SEO, better product rankings
    Amazon also places emphasis on SEO of a storeowner’s product. Brands should place their keywords on vital parameters like product title and description. A comprehensive SEO helps increase product visibility and gives brands an edge over their competition. Brands can leverage on keyword tools to sell better on Amazon. Using these keywords and placing them in Google keywords planner helps businesses in assess their traffic and search volumes for their products.

    Note: Amazon changed its character restrictions in April 2017, where it will index only 250 characters in the backend search fields. Brands should prioritize and readjust their keyword strategy order to comply with the changes.

  • Use advertising features of Amazon
    Amazon is like any other marketplace, a big one at that. You have the chance of attracting many eyeballs, along with many other brands like yours. Amazon Pay per Click is a great yet simple advertising feature, which allows sellers to display products based on the relevant keywords. This, along with other factors, can lead to better conversion of sales through Amazon advertising.

    A detailed strategy is necessary for sellers opting for the Amazon PPC module that includes finding the most searched and profitable keywords, removing non-converting keywords and increasing bids for keywords that convert well.

  • Beat competition with Amazon Buy Box
    Buy box is a feature offered by Amazon to enhance the end-user experience by auto populating the best “seller” option based on the seller’s historic performance. This in turn encourages sellers on Amazon to maintain healthy user experience to the customers they cater to. For more info on this, visit Amazon’s Page on Buy Box feature. As a brand competing in a highly competitive product category, the option of Buy Box can be of great help. Getting the pricing right along with customer experience, product availability and fulfillment are vital to achieve the buy box status.

    Buy Box status helps sellers to achieve better e-commerce sales and sustain heavy competition from other sellers listed on Amazon. Offering multiple shipping options, practicing inventory planning and avoiding stock outs are some of the ways to break into the Buy Box category.

  • Drive traffic to your Amazon page
    Writing blog, maintaining Facebook social pages, Google placement ads, email marketing and all other external forms of communication are a great source to drive traffic to your brand webpage. The same strategy can help drive traffic to your Amazon page.

    It is imperative to build a strategy as to what forms of external communication helps in directing traffic to Amazon is very important. Blogs, Video Channels and influencers are some of the most sought after forms of external marketing channels to increase Amazon traffic.

How can we help?
We at i95Dev have the expertise to integrate Magento e-commerce store with the most popular ERP (Dynamics AX, NAV, GP, SAGE, and SAP B1), POS and CRM systems. This integrated e-commerce solution of i95Dev helps brands like yours maintain inventory uniformity, reducing manual dependency, streamlining order placement and fulfillment processes.

i95Dev offers various add-ons, which help you, flex your muscle and grow at a quicker pace. One such add on is the ‘i95Dev Amazon Connect/ M2E Pro’ module which is an exclusive Amazon marketplace integration which helps integrate your Amazon storefront with your Magento store. This module helps businesses effectively manage all the operational aspects.

Important points like managing inventory seamlessly to avoid stakeouts, managing order management on multiple sales channels and shipping is taken care of by the i95dev integrated ecommerce and Amazon Connect/M2E Pro module add on.

Achieving the top rated seller category and increasing e-commerce sales through Amazon Buy Box modules due to optimized inventory, customer and order management becomes easy with i95dev ERP e-commerce solution combined with the i95Dev Amazon Connect/M2E Pro. We at i95dev also undertake unique projects like integrating third party customer review tool Yotpo with e-commerce and online marketplaces to help increase your Amazon marketplace sales.

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