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June 23, 2014

Maximize your Sales with
Magento Sales Portal

Author Amelia Warner
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A Sales Portal is an online interface that increases sales effectiveness by delivering actionable information and tools that help salespeople close deals. It can be recognized as an internal collaborative community for the organization as well.
Sales being the end goal of any conventional for profit organization, the dynamic solution harness the power of the internet to centralize sales by enabling sales reps to enter quotes and orders while working remotely, locally or from a customer site while being online or offline. The sales portal informs, educates, nurtures and connects the employees of an organization to help them engage with each other in productive activities that increase the company’s overall success at achieving strategic objectives.   Sales portal is not a new concept, but with sales portal considered as a B2B requirement and eCommerce, till recently, considered B2C sales portal functionality has been alien to the eCommerce industry. Below we have identified the critical features of a Sales Portal for an eCommerce business and how we have extended Magento to offer the same with our B2B modules:

Critical Information available over the Internet

Provide your sales reps instant access to critical information via Sales Portal to enable them to make more informed sales decisions.

360 Degree View of Customer

Sales Portal enables sales reps with comprehensive customer information, such as order history, products purchased, payment history, key contacts, open opportunities, and quotes. Sales representatives equipped with this information can easily identify and leverage cross-selling and up-selling opportunities for customers.

Unique log-in information

Each salesperson has individual log-in to the sales portal. You will have control over which customer profiles they can access with the ability to limit sales representatives to their customers’ profiles only while sales managers can view all customers. You have right to assign permission and restrict what each user can and cannot perform while using this solution. Businesses can use this to measure and calculate sales commissions automatically based on sales made by them.

Manage Leads

You can automate, manage, and track generation of leads. You can evaluate and distribute leads in real time using flexible, rule-based business logic. You can even manage and track lead follow-up.

Global Sales support

Sales Portal empowers you with multi-language, multi-currency capabilities. It allows you to create and manage customer quotations or RFQs for your new and existing customers’ right from your store with real-time access to product, pricing and stock information while preparing the quotes. You can create virtual global teams by sharing leads, opportunities, quotes, contacts, notes, tasks, and more while using this solution.

Sales Portal undoubtedly comprises of all the above features efficiently but i95Dev E-commerce Growth Engine (EGE) is a huge ocean comprising of many such modules and thousands of features enlivening eCommerce. EGE includes much more than mere Sales Portal. It is a feature-rich application suite built on the Magento platform that enables businesses in the e-commerce ecosystem to optimize their online sales and service. It is a boon to the e-commerce industry and effectively addresses the current and future trends and requirements of the e-commerce space. In addition to what we see above in Sales Portal, EGE gives an integrated approach to your eCommerce with various features like Credit Limits, Returns Management, Layered Navigation, Frequent Ordering, Multiple options to ship, Multiple users to your online store allowing them with the necessary access and many more. If you want your business to succeed in this cutthroat-competitive world, know more about EGE

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