19Oct, 2012

Multi-Channel Funnel Analytics Is Changing the Way of E-Commerce Marketing

Owning an e-commerce website brings with it a wide range of responsibilities to ensure its success. Your success does not happen overnight and has many aspects that assist it in achieving its success along the way. In previous years, the only reporting available to e-commerce owners was an analytics report that simply showed you where each click came from. This does not necessarily mean the click originated there, which resulted in inaccurate reporting for some website owners. Rather than only seeing the end result, website owners can now view all the assists that were made along the way with Multi-Channel Funnel Analytics.

Multiple Channels

There are typically many channels leading up to the purchase of your products by consumers. A few of the channels include social media platforms, email blasts, organic searches and paid searches. Without knowing the paths your customers took to get to their final destination, you could be placing less emphasis on important portions of your marketing plan. With Multi-Channel Funnel Analytics, you can get detailed reports that show the paths consumers took to get to their final destination, making a purchase on your website.


Not all consumers convert to a purchase from the click that is reported in the analytics. Oftentimes, there is a time lag that takes place. Without Multi-Channel Funnel Analytics, you would not know about that time lag and what marketing channels consumers are visiting and then returning at a later date.


Another benefit of using Multi-Channel Funnel Analytics is to determine the paths users are taking to get to their final decision of making a choice to purchase. Did consumers read an email blast and then visit your social media page before converting? Maybe they went directly to your website to make a purchase. Regardless of the path, you can monitor those paths with the new analytics, allowing you to determine not only which tactics are working but also which tactics are working together to get to the final result of a conversion.

E-Commerce owners can benefit from Multi-Channel Funnel Analytics by viewing all the work that occurs before a final conversion takes place on their website. The final conversion is not always the true colors of the purchase and could cause you to put marketing dollars where they are not needed and neglect other areas that are successful. Use the new analytics to your advantage and watch your marketing efforts begin to pay off.

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Multi-Channel Funnel Analytics Is Changing the Way of E-Commerce Marketing