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April 1, 2015

Must have SEO Tactics
for online start-ups

Author Kevin
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Gone are the days when Meta keyword tags were popular or putting keywords in everything online were considered to be a good SEO strategy. It’s no longer worth to fill pages with targeted keywords as Google’s Hummingbird algorithm is smart enough to understand your page, analyze the topic or uniqueness of your content. Research says that there is hardly any benefit in strategically including keywords in multiple page elements, and that can even impact sites negatively.
With hundreds of different SEO strategies available to improve your website, we jot down a few that can help online start-ups to add value to their sites.

Stop using Meta Keywords

For a decade, search engines judged pages based on the content of web pages, and not on any so called “off-page” factors like links pointing to a web page. This quickly became an area where folks misused the feature using irrelevant keywords for their sites. Because the Meta keywords were so often abused, Google took them away. Going a step further, Search engines have declared that Meta keywords could even be considered as spam signals.

Stop filling Content with Keywords

Filling your content with unnecessary keywords no longer helps your site. Keyword density is no more important and it is always recommended to stop any strategy aiming at filling needless keywords into your content. Instead, know more about TF-IDF (term frequency-inverse document frequency) which explains that content must be in different phrases and few of those phrases must appear frequently than others.
So what you should do instead of stacking your content with pointless keywords?

  • Decide upon the topic and do a thorough research
  • Pen down a unique content that can add value to your visitors
  • Fragment your content into short paragraphs
  • Use bullet points wherever possible
  • Add headlines or sub-headings to paragraphs
  • Add page title that briefs your visitors about the topic
  • Allow your content to be easily shared on social networks

Use Meta description efficiently

Most companies fail to use Meta description, but it’s an important conversion factor. You have around 215 total characters or (512px by 100px) to convince searchers to click on your listing in search engine results page. It is recommended to take out some time to write persuasive Meta descriptions for all important pages of the site, and particularly for any page that can be shared socially.
To know on how to set product Meta Tags, please read our blog How to improve SEO of your Magento store? Part 3

Mark-up Pages with Schema, RDFa, JSON-LD

If you do thorough searches online, you will definitely find few results containing more information than only a title, description and URL. It is because the html of those sites is marked up to convey explicit information to the crawlers which gives justice to your site in search engines result page. It would be wise to build Microdata part of every site you create. Mark-up images, logos, phone numbers, addresses, business name, etc. that is relevant to your site. Visitors will appreciate this and it will help optimize your site proficiently.

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