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November 5, 2013

Prepare Yourself
for Cyber Monday

Author Mark Johnson
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The Thanksgiving Weekend may be very busy for many Americans, but for online shop owners, the following Monday doesn’t get any busier. Since its conception in 2005, Cyber Monday has become the leading billion-dollar generating online shopping day. Sales have increased by 17% since 2011, and are expected to do so in the following years as digital shopping become more and more commonplace.
Cyber Monday is an opportunity for online shop owners to offer specials and promos. It isn’t unusual for well-known brands to mark down their items by 50% off, and many companies provide offers that shoppers find too regrettable to miss. It is evident that shoppers place a great deal of time and money on web searching for the best deals. This presents an opportunity to get your business out there and make significant sales.
Since Cyber Monday is treated with much fanfare, your business shouldn’t treat it like any regular Monday. Here are some pointers on how to succeed in Cyber Monday and make this one great day of E-Commerce for retailers.

Manage Product Information Efficiently

It is important to have an efficient system for managing product information in place. Expect Cyber Monday to be a very busy day for business, and if your product information is missing some details, is outdated or is simply unorganized, your business will get left behind. Ensure that your ERP and CRM system are able to meet the demands of your business in terms of managing product information and that this information appears uniform and updated across several online channels. 

Inventory Management 

Plan and inventory your products ahead of time before the holiday rush kicks in. This is especially true for products with high SKUs. Ensure that your inventory processes are efficient and you are able to stock all the necessary items before Cyber Monday. 

Cater Online Mobile Shoppers

People who work on Cyber Monday do most of their shopping through smartphones and tablets. This is a rising consumer trend that your business needs to consider as well. To be successful in generating more sales, ensure that your online store appears presentably in all online channels, especially in mobile phones and tablets.

Go Social

Aside from your business’ official website, you have a variety of channels where you can make your deals and promotions go viral. Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are three of the best social networking sites that can enhance the visibility of your business. In fact, last year’s Cyber Monday comprised on 1.4% of Facebook conversations. If you can get people to “like” your page, “retweet” or “repin” your items, then you’ll see a huge difference in your sales. 

Enhance Your Delivery Method

Free shipping has become customary for holiday shopping. Applying the same concept for Cyber Monday can be very helpful. This makes your business more enticing for the customers because it eliminates the extra charge for them to receive their orders. Make receiving your products an experience for your customers, whether you’re offering free delivery, same day delivery, or creating wonderful packages for your products. 

Take the Holiday Season Guide at Heart

Needless to say, the Holidays are very busy days when it comes to business. Online businesses are also projected to increase their sales as the Holidays draw nearer. The Holiday season guide contains the most important pointers for online business owners to cope with the demands of holiday shopping and make it a perfect time to increase their sales and boost their brand image.

This is where I95Dev comes in.

We have a solid understanding of the demands and requirements the holiday season will bring to your business. We can come up with solutions that are specific with your business needs and ensure that your E-Commerce business will see significant growth during the holidays.
If you wish to put up an E-Commerce store, we can integrate specific systems to make your store up and running and optimized for various online channels. We can integrate ERP and CRM system into your own Magento account so you can have your own working E-Commerce store compatible even with smartphones and tablets and sell your products and services in social networks and third-party venues.
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