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July 27, 2012

Skyrocket Sales with
Magento PriceGrabber

Author Matt
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The Internet has made it possible for everyone to compare prices from the comfort of their own home. One of the largest sites to offer this is PriceGrabber, which has been providing these services over the past seven years. This price comparison engine allows stores to feature their products in the program by using the Magento PriceGrabber extension. This extension gives merchants the ability to export their products from the Magento Store to PriceGrabber. The products are then featured right on PriceGrabber, furthering the merchant’s ability to market their products to a larger audience.

PriceGrabber is a user-friendly website that allows consumers to sort their desired products by popularity, price, rating, manufacturer and store. Consumers also have the ability to read and write reviews on various products, making it a more useful site for visitors who are looking for more information on a specific product. Not only can consumers compare prices on PriceGrabber, they can also go right to the store of their choice and purchase the product online, making it quick and convenient to make a new purchase.

Consumers have the ability to set price alerts, as well as compare bottom line prices, with the help of their iPhone, iPad and Android device. If a product is listed on PriceGrabber, users with the appropriate smart phones can scan the barcodes of these products in the store to get instant price comparisons, as well as reviews on the product, helping them make an informed decision about a product.

PriceGrabber is also user-friendly for merchants, allowing them to feature their products for more exposure and the hopes of greater sales. The reviews consumers leave also give merchants the inside view to what their customers think about a product, helping merchants gauge what the demand in the market is at any given point. Merchants who utilize PriceGrabber’s features effectively will plan their strategies and goals around the demands of consumers and dramatically increase their sales.

Use i95Dev’s Magento PriceGrabber extension to reach the immeasurable success you desire for your company. Your customers will have an incredible shopping experience that includes all the information they require to make an informed decision, allowing you to benefit from increased sales.

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