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October 1, 2013

The Biggest Obstacles Companies have
when Selecting an E-commerce Platform

Author Dennis
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With a wide array of e-commerce solutions available in the market, it becomes extremely difficult for companies to arrive at a consensus on which e-commerce platform would best suite their environment. We here at i95Dev have come up with a few dilemmas the majority of companies face when they decide to go online.

1. Which e-commerce platform to select?

With the variety of e-commerce platforms available on the market, companies find it difficult to specifically pinpoint which e-commerce platform to adopt. They feel the majority of e-commerce platforms provide the same features list, and all of them claim their e-commerce platform as the best.

2. What are my requirements?

Many companies are not clear on what they want. They have the broad concept they need to go online, but they are not sure which specific features they need. A lot of companies get confused when they look at the variety of features offered, and they are not sure which features to accept and which ones to reject.

3. Why do I need an e-commerce store for my company?

The majority of companies are not sure why they want to take their business online. They do not have fixed goal or targets in their mind, and they lack a true vision before implementing an e-commerce store for their company.

4. What will be my ROI?

In the end, all companies get down down to this question and are only interested in knowing how an e-commerce store will be advantageous to them. Companies work hard to pin down on which e-commerce platform will deliver them the most of what they want at the least possible cost.

5. How to go online since I do not have any technical exposure?

Many small firms have this concern, and moving forward becomes a big point of issue. These companies fail to understand the agility and robustness of the technology available and end up choosing the platforms that do not meet their needs.

6. How do I trust the salesperson?

Companies do face a tough time here. When selecting platforms, companies speak to a number of sales representatives before deciding how to go online. All salespeople speak convincingly about their platform and try to convince you that their product is the best in the industry. After speaking to many salespeople, companies find it difficult in understand which salesperson is speaking honestly and who is not.

7. Which version should I choose?

Once companies have identified which e-commerce platform to use, they may get confused with which version of the e-commerce store to adopt. The reason for this confusion is the most basic versions of an e-commerce store are free, but they lack several features. In order to have those missing features incorporated, companies need to purchase a higher version which is pretty pricey. Companies arrive at the dilemma of sticking to the basic version or shelling out additional dollars for extra features.

8. Will my new website be safe and hack resistant?

A lot of companies express concerns with respect to the security of their website. Their major concern is with payment gateway fraud. Companies may invest a huge amount of time analyzing the platform’s security aspect before confirming to deploy their e-commerce store.

How i95Dev can help?

We are one of the leading e-commerce solution providers in North America and have successfully deployed e-commerce related solutions to more than 1500 of our esteemed clients. In the process, we have identified all possible obstacles/glitches that customers face when it comes to e-commerce platform selection. When you come to us for e-commerce deployment, our experienced professionals will first understand your requirements, and after analysis, we will come up with the best possible solution at the least price. We will help you deploy the best solution and provide you with continued support thereafter so you can be assured you are making the right investment.
For any information on our solutions or any assistance from us please drop us a mail at or call us at 301.760.7499. We would be more than happy to analyze your company’s requirements and provide you with a solution that best meets your needs and objectives.

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