April 23, 2019

Three eCommerce Platforms
for Dynamics AX Users

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When it comes to giving a business the shape we want to impose on it, software counts. The essence of technology is its constant evolution and that is why Enterprise Resource Planning is consistently evolving with time. Microsoft Dynamics AX for e-commerce is one such addition to the ERP software family, which is effectively shaping the future of business. It has changed the dynamics of ERP at the business level for various pro players.

With the integration of ERP and e-commerce, people can exercise better control over their businesses regardless of their size. From generating financial reports, managing inventory, improving internal efficiency, minimizing operational costs to removing the bottlenecks of human error and sufficiently satisfying customers has been achieved because of this unique collaboration in the business sphere.

ERP for e-commerce has an added degree of strength as it adds the latest flavor of technology to business. Figuring out a software product can provide efficient solutions for your B2B eCommerce is a tough task as a plethora of feasible options are available in the market.

If you are also looking for ERP for e-commerce, then, do not forget to compare the features of all the options available in the market as these ERP connections are crucial for any business far beyond fine-tuning business strategies.
Three e-commerce Platforms for Dynamics AX users that give businesses accurate decision-making power whenever required are given below:

BigCommerce allows you to publish a website in minimal time with step-by-step instructions without making the entire process complex for a first-time user. The dashboard is easier to use and offers business tycoons the leverage of built-in features such as:

  • Endless bandwidth and storage
  • Options to add unlimited products
  • A fully functional website

To beat the competition, BigCommerce provides paramount features like gift cards, access to reviews and ratings, and collaboration with major marketing tools such as eBay, Facebook, PayPal, MailChimp, and Google.

BigCommerce is well-known for customization and that is why Facebook ads are simpler and more effective. However, the e-commerce platform market has been reaching its maximum limit since 2012, which makes it difficult to choose the best shopping cart software for business as doing well involves first understanding exactly what it means to intelligently use online platforms.

One common bottleneck for most e-commerce businesses involves transferring the data between their web store and the accounting page. However, this is where the integration of Dynamics AX with BigCommerce comes in – any business can bypass the manual data entry system as it automatically unifies the accounting packages with the BigCommerce web store.

If you want your website to exist in the online world, then, creating an SEO-friendly website is the key. BigCommerce is highly SEO-friendly, has outstanding security specifications, and provides exceptional customer assistance. This platform provides guidance in the form of tutorials, which are easy to follow and also support screenshot assistance.

Owing to the integration of ERP and e-commerce, platforms like BigCommerce provide services under one vigorous business string. The unification of finance, manufacturing, distribution, customer support, and services can now be taken care of together.

Having a market share of 26% across the world, Magento is the most used e-commerce platform for businesses. It supports the integration of Dynamics AX with expanded functionality for web store design.

Magento has been an industry leader for many years. It is a world-class solution today. Hence, this platform can support the best practices of the industry.

This gives any eStore owner the advantage of accessing a robust platform. It is a reliable platform for large-scale businesses and store owners who want to create a high-end e-commerce website. It also boasts of robust security features. It is highly customizable and adaptable.

The USPs of Magento that other e-commerce platforms may not feature include a storefront, multi-language services, and multi-currency support. If a business wants to access this parameter from the customer’s point of view, then, it provides a flawless user-friendly experience. Search engine optimization (SEO) is another added advantage along with smartphone-friendly features.
Here are some unique features of Magento that you may have not come across:

Effortless Website Management
It offers a basic theme to setup any businesses e-commerce website. It allows the business to manage the web store data from a specific point of connectivity. Multiple Magento stores can be powered with a single database, which eventually can be managed from one admin panel. This increases the efficiency of any e-commerce business by effectively managing both time and effort.

Flexible Platform
Change is inevitable and Magento understands this well. It has the ability to adjust according to the size of the business, the requirements, and understands the need to diversify.

Magento has an interface which gives the users utmost satisfaction. From customized layouts as well as zoom-in and zoom-out proficiencies to review and rate, everything is accessible. This adds a tinge of easiness to search for an element on the web store.
From a business point of view, the integration between Magento and AX for e-commerce minimizes the risk element from slow-paying users by fixing credit limits. For companies or Dynamics AX users that want to grow in terms of a grade e-commerce platform, Magento is a unique element.

Here are a few reasons to integrate ERP solutions in your Magento platform:

  • Streamlining the financial system
  • Actual-time inventory and sales administration
  • The data is transmitted between the systems without any human intervention; therefore, it is an error-free delivery process
  • Seamless and brisk purchase and delivery
  • Time, cost, and energy are saved as there is no human intervention

 Shopify has an easy quick fix for a host of services – customized website, personalized dashboard, easy setup, quick product addition, and much more. Shopify has been upgraded according to the needs of the businesses and various industries. Apart from easy setup, the security of Shopify in terms of payment gateways and page-loading speeds is very good.
It is SEO-friendly. The integration advantages that it provides to Dynamics AX customers is commendable. Shopify has the following pros:

  • Simple and easy sync of all marketing, finance, and EPOS information
  • Synchronizing the Dynamics AX data with Shopify – stock availability, product descriptions, prices, and images
  • Integration ensures that sales and warehouse figures match with finance systems

When Shopify integrates with Dynamics AX, a time-saving solution for any business is delivered. This platform has evolved with time and has always provided end-to-end solutions to industries within its reach. With the collaboration of ERP solutions and the Shopify e-commerce platform, a cloud-based effective and up-to-date solution is generated. This integration leverages businesses of any size with data sheets, financial strategies, and research reports.

If you are looking for an e-commerce platform for your business and do not know which one to pick, then, reach deeper insights with regard to each one of these platforms and then decide which platform will give you the best result without increasing your financial burden and assisting you with everything.

If you need expert assistance on which eCommerce platform suits your business, then get in touch with Jiva Infotech and find the right solution for you.

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